We’re Looking for the Next Men’s Health ‘Ultimate Guy’

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The annual search for the next Men’s Health Ultimate Guy has begun. We’re looking for guys who don’t just embody a high level of physical fitness, but also take care of their mental and emotional health, and provide an inspiring example to others in their personal and professional lives.

Past winners have included firefighter Tim Boniface, emergency medic Jedidiah Ballard, and veteran Corwyn Collier, who survived an IED explosion and throughout the process of his recovery discovered a love of fitness.

In 2023, the Ultimate Guy winner is Dr. Leo Moore, an L.A.-based medical professional who redoubled his efforts to save as many as lives as he could after his own routine elective surgery went awry.

“I was given a second chance at life. And because I’m a spiritual person, my assignment here on earth is not done,” Moore told Men’s Health. “That is how I saw that. That my purpose is not yet fulfilled. I was given another opportunity to fulfill it.”

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His fellow finalists were nonprofit organization director Dr. Saul Bautista, and fitness professional Darryl Partridge.

The Ultimate Guy contest aims to find men who are committed to being the best versions of themselves they can possibly be and living “stronger, faster, better.” And that opportunity extends to anyone who meets that set of criteria.

Entering the contest is simple. We just need three high quality pictures that showcase your physique and a little bit of your personality, and five short 100-word answers to a few questions explaining why you believe you fit the bill for Ultimate Guy, encompassing anything you think might be of interest. (We’re only looking for entries from the United States, just FYI.)

The winner of the title of Ultimate Guy will then get their own feature in the December issue of the magazine.

Think you’ve got what it takes to win the title? Apply here.

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