It’s not just you — Slack was having issues this morning

Luke Larsen


Luke Larsen

You might have noticed some trouble loading Slack this morning, but you’re not alone. Starting at around 8 a.m. PT., spikes on Down Detector show that the app was experiencing issues across the board.

This was confirmed by Slack on Twitter later, saying that “We’re looking into an issue impacting threads and channels …” — but as of now, no fix has been announced. Since then, the problem seems to have been resolved, which was announced by Slack on Twitter.

We’ve resolved the issue with threads, channels, and DMs. Slack is back to full functionality. Thank you very much for your patience while we worked on getting this fix out the door.

— Slack Status (@SlackStatus) January 24, 2023

Slack tends to be pretty quick about getting these issues resolved, and a quick look around Twitter shows that people seem able to access their threads and channels again. We’ll keep this posted updated if any more info comes from the Slack team.

Of course, you might be having issues with Slack outside of just loading threads and channels. Other common problems with Slack include having trouble managing notifications, audio issues, or searching for specific messages.

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