J Prince Accuses Quavo’s Friend Of Lying To Police About Takeoff’s Murder

“We may as well shine a light on the real root to the issue which is this homie,” the rap mogul said.

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The fallout surrounding the death of late rap star Takeoff continues to unravel, as J Prince has accused one of Quavo’s friends of snitching and providing false information to the authorities regarding the incident.

The Houston native recently appeared on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast and discussed details surrounding the murder, at one point blasting an associate of Quavo’s named Willie Bland and providing paperwork to corroborate his claims of Bland’s cooperation.

According to a police report obtained by Prince, Bland, who was present at the time of the shooting, says he felt that Quavo’s life was in danger after witnessing one of the men at the dice game reaching for his weapon. Bland says this prompted him to throw a punch at the suspected gunman in an effort to thwart what appeared to be a robbery attempt on Quavo. However, Prince refuted Bland’s account, asking why would Bland knowingly attack a man that he knew was armed and dangerous. He also says that Bland’s fears for Quavo’s safety were misguided given that Prince’s son, Jas, was also present and willing to protect both Quavo and Takeoff.

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“Clearly, this Bland dude gave a police report that he seen these two guys with guns earlier but these are the same two guys that he decided to punch with his gun out and his them with a gun,” Prince expressed after breaking down the event, from his perspective. “What do you think is going to happen? Lord know if any of them tried to rob or touch Quavo, it was going to be some real problems.”

The Rap-A-Lot Records founder also blasted Bland for allegedly informing police of the factors that led to the melee, as well as providing the identity of a man he believes was armed and at the scene of the crime.

“He giving all kinds of statements on this police report that we have so we could read his name and everything ‘cause he put himself in a position where he’s cooperating and telling a lot of different lies,” Prince added. “So we may as well shine a light on the real root to the issue which is this homie. Now, you got this clown, and it end up in his hand… this clown saying somebody wanna rob him that gave him a gun.”

During the same interview, Prince also had a few choice words for rapper Offset, sending a threatening message to the Migos member regarding comments he’d allegedly made concerning Prince in the wake of Takeoff’s murder. “Don’t ever put me in a position where I have to defend myself,” Prince said in reference to the FATHER OF 4 creator. “That wouldn’t be healthy for you.” Yesterday, Offset responded to Prince’s remarks with words of his own via a clip on social media.

“Who y’all ni**as think y’all is, John Gotti, ni**a?” the 31-year-old asked of Prince and company. “Ain’t nobody going for none of that, bruh, I ain’t stunting none of that sh*t y’all ni**as talking about neither. And if you heard something from me, I’m a tell you. It’s gonna come from me, call my phone. Y’all ni**as going off of he-say she-say and y’all ni**as on interviews, airing it out in a interview talking about I said this. Call my phone, homie. You call my phone, we’ll have a conversation.”

Takeoff was murdered in a shooting that took place on Nov. 1 2022 in Houston. The suspected triggerman, Patrick Clark, has plead not guilty and has been released from custody on $1M bond.

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