Jack Kelly: ‘Ironman have officially banned me from their brand’

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Andrew Messick joins the How They Train podcast….for a little while.

After last week’s pretty controversial How They Train podcast, where Ironman CEO Andrew Messick was a guest but where he ended up leaving the episode early because he wasn’t happy with some difficult questions from host Jack Kelly, the story is now taking a new turn. Kelly will publish an episode later this week in which he talks about how Ironman has banned him from their brand. Kelly is writing this to some of his Patreons:

Hey everyone. This week on the main podcast we are releasing the Andrew Messick podcast to everyone, so it means no new episode for all of you who signed up. So to make up for this I am going to do an extra episode which will be a behind the scenes/everything that’s happened since behind closed doors/recap/fallout episode of the Andrew Messick podcast. I’m going to be joined by Joe Skipper as co-host for the episode. It will be released exclusively to Patreon this coming week before it goes to the public the following week. I’ll read you the emails and communication I’ve had with Ironman since, things that Messick and his team have said off-air, let you in on my plans for going to the Ironman World Champs in Nice in 2023 and what I’ll do there, as well as just break down everything and discuss the conversation. I was going to try and be pretty politically correct and not burn bridges, but to let you in, Ironman have officially banned me from their brand and gone hard on me behind the scenes so I’m not going to hold back with what I really think in this episode. So that will be mid next week



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