Kylie Jenner Wears Bleached Brows Makeup Hack—See Pics

First there were soap brows, and now bleached brows are in—and Kylie Jenner, of course, is trying them on for size. 

In a January 4 Instagram post, Kylie debuted a shocking switch-up, trading in her dark, bold brows for a cooler, ashier tone. It isn’t her first time rocking blonde brows, as seen in an October 1, 2022, post. 

The makeup mogul posted a few snaps on her Instagram from the backseat of a car with a striking black interior that emphasizes the trendy brows. The caption reads: “where we going ?” 


Kylie isn’t the first Jenner to rock contrasting brows, as sister Kendall Jenner debuted a similar look at the 2022 Met Gala. The comment section on Kylie’s post is on fire with hot takes, most of which praise Kylie for the frosty brows. Celebrity makeup artist Ariel commented “We ate 🔥” and posted a picture on his own Instagram to show off his handiwork, captioning it “Take me wherever you go! 😍” Me too, please!

The best part about Kylie Jenner’s look is that her brows probably aren’t bleached at all. Most celebrities will use a blend of concealer to cover up the natural color of their eyebrows, using a spoolie brush to distribute the product evenly on each hair until they achieve that bleached brow beauty. As brow expert Joey Healy told Glamour, “You can use your concealer, so it kind of looks like your skin tone, and a mascara wand.” Yes, it’s really that simple. 

The beauty of this concealer hack is that it works on every skin tone and is entirely customizable. Makeup aficionados of all complexions have tried their hand at the faux bleached brow trend, and it’s all hits, no misses. In a Kylie Cosmetics post, Jenner shows off her brows and gives her followers a list of products to achieve her signature pout and illuminating highlighter.

Kylie Jenner may not have started the trend, but she’s definitely adding to the wave and making bleached brows look so good.  

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