Let’s Talk About Everything Coming to Netflix After Stranger Things

Geeked out and ready to roll!

Netflix used to be the only king of the streaming game, but as competition from other streaming firms has grown, the necessity for Netflix to extend its offers has grown as well. Netflix has established itself as a destination for visually stunning animated series, blockbuster action pictures, and everything in between. With big titles like Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, Arcane, and others, they’ve created a reputation for themselves. Netflix held its second annual Geeked Week during Summer of Games and featured new trailers, TV show announcements, behind-the-scenes interviews with producers, and more. Among all the big names, Netflix has the advantage of being one of the more experienced streaming firms, but only time will tell if the material they invest in will keep them going in the long run. I have a question for the IGN community: Did you see anything exciting during Netflix’s Geeked week?

Let’s Talk About is back for another installment. The topic for today is Netflix and everything presented during Geeked Week. What was your favorite reveal of the show? Are you excited for Castlevania: Nocturne, or is The Gray Man more your style? Is there a type of Netflix programming you prefer to watch over another? Which shows do you believe have the highest chance of receiving a second season? Please tell us in the comments.

Jada Griffin is IGN’s Community Lead. If she’s not engaging with users here, chances are she’s developing her own games, maxing the Luck stat in her favorite games, or challenging her D&D players with Intense combat or masterful puzzles. You can follow her on Twitter @Jada_Rina.

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