Magic Eden Launches Free ‘Mint Madness’ NFT Minting Competition

By Philip Maina

1 hour agoFri Mar 03 2023 12:23:53


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  • Magic Eden has unveiled a free NFT minting competition for game-based collectibles
  • Dubbed Mint Madness, it will feature 13 qualifying Web 3.0 games across different blockchains
  • The competition is set to start on March 3 and the marketplace will unveil a leaderboard to keep track of the scores

NFT marketplace Magic Eden has unveiled a free NFT minting competition for game-based collectibles. Dubbed Mint Madness, it features over 12 Web 3.0 games powered by Solana, Polygon and Ethereum blockchains, with scores displayed on a leaderboard shared on social media pages of participating collections. The competition comes three months after Magic Eden unveiled free NFTs for frequent traders, which was part of a revamped rewards program.

NFTs are User Engagement Tools

According to Magic Eden’s gaming head Chris Akhavan, the competition aims to help unleash the value of game-based NFTs as a “user engagement tool [and] as a monetization tool.” The NFT marketplace noted that free NFTs provide an engaging way for game developers to enter the crypto-centric Web 3.0 space. 

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Qualifying games are drawn from traditional game developers joining the Web 3.0 world and veteran blockchain-powered game creators. Popular games on the list include Polygon-based Planet Mojo, Ethereum-based Shrapnel and Solana-powered Papu Superstars. 

Polygon is the Place for Game Developers

Interestingly, out of 13 qualifying games, nine are based on the Ethereum layer-two platform Polygon, which Magic Eden COO Zhuoxun Yin considers a go-to platform for game developers.

The free mint shows the marketplace’s continued interest in Web 3.0 gaming, which it has confirmed by investing in outfits focusing on blockchain gaming and hiring a conventional gaming veteran to lead its initiatives in the space.

With Mint Madness coming at a time when Blur is experiencing wash trading from individuals targeting high token rewards in the upcoming Blur token airdrop, Magic Eden’s approach may also see some traders choose unethical paths to earn more points.

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