Making an Isekai Game Just Got Easier

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RPG Maker developer Gotcha Gotcha Games releases “Isekai Creators” lore for use in fan, commercial projects

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RPG Maker developer Gotcha Gotcha Games has made it easier than ever to create an isekai story or game. The company launched an “Isekai Creators” website last Wednesday, detailing the lore for a fantasy world setting that creators can freely use in both fan and commercial projects. For those who don’t want to create game assets from scratch, the company will release an Official Asset collection for the RPG Maker Unite software.

GGG describes the “Isekai Creators” setting as follows:

Hy-Brasil is an undeveloped continent located west of the well-developed Telepassa Continent. The land is known as a harsh land where powerful monsters are rampant, and civilization cannot be maintained without the protection from Force Barriers. Despite this, under the initiative of the Republic of Albion, thousands of adventurers gather here under the banner of “Pioneers’ Guild” – seeking to uncover the legacy of ancient civilizations that cannot be reproduced with current technologies and explore the rich lands for the thrill of uncovering the unknowns.

The year is now 1722 of the Holy Calendar – a group of young men and women from an alternate realm arrived at the Frontier Point, each possessing unique abilities never seen to the dwellers of this world. What consequences will their arrivals bring? That is the story that GGG wants creators to tell!

Although the synopsis does not specifically mention the common “isekai” plotline involving characters transferring from another world, it is the setting in which characters in such stories usually wind up. TRPG writer Takuji Endo from the FarEast Amusement Research Co.,Ltd. (aka F.E.A.R.) wrote the lore to encourage users to expand on the setting with their imaginations.

Notably, you’re not obliged to use the assets according to the official lore outlined on the website. In other words, you are free to change names and even modify the assets outright. That said, you can’t alter or use the material in a way that would be offensive, among other restrictions. Refer to the Terms of Use for more information about what you can and can’t do.

The asset collection will be available at the software’s launch on April 6. Some of the assets will be adjusted for use with the RPG Maker MV and RPG Maker MZ software. While most of the assets are made under the presumption that they will be used for RPG Maker maker games, anyone is free to use the assets in other engines, such as Unity, or for other mediums, such as videos, illustrations, novels, etc.

The RPG Maker Unite software will launch first on the Unity Asset Store. The Steam version will launch later this year with a more optimized installation process. The software will have both an English version and a Japanese version.

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