Marvel Snap multiplayer: Can you play Marvel Snap with friends?

Free-to-play card game Marvel Snap has taken the video game industry by storm, bringing even non-comic book fans on board to enjoy its wild antics. It’s a game with a satisfying loop, a rewarding sense of progression, and plenty to unlock, without ever feeling overwhelming. Despite this, developer Second Dinner still has lots in store for Marvel Snap players, including a new way to play with friends.

As it stands, you can’t actually pair up with your friends … yet. But with the upcoming Battle Mode, Marvel Snap aims to allow a more casual way to play with anyone you’d like. But when does Battle Mode launch and what do we know about it?

What is Marvel Snap Battle Mode?

The space thjone location in Marvel Snap.

With Battle Mode, being able to pair with friends is the main draw. You’ll use a match code to find the game you want, and players will have a much more casual experience, without worrying about rank. This way, you’ll get to test out various decks and strategies without any penalties.

In addition, the mode will be based on a health system, wherein players will deal damage by winning matches. Each player starts with 10 health, and — just like the main mode — snapping allows you to double down and raise the stakes (or in this case, the amount of damage you’ll do). You’ll play multiple matches until the final player is left standing, which is a nice change of pace from the standard mode.

Marvel Snap Battle Mode release date

New patch coming tomorrow with some balance changes and other cool stuff! This is not the patch that includes Battle Mode, that patch will drop towards the end of the season. 🤘

— Ben Brode (@bbrode) January 3, 2023

Battle Mode doesn’t have a solid release date, but it’ll be out soon. According to Second Dinner Chief Development Officer Ben Brode, Battle Mode will come to Marvel Snap “towards the end of the season.”

The current Savage Land season is set to conclude on January 30, 2023, so we should expect Battle Mode to launch on or around that time. Since Second Dinner is comprised of a smaller team, it’s harder for them to commit to an exact date, but rest assured, you’ll be playing with your friends in no time.

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