New iPhone 15 Exclusive Confirms Stunning Apple Design Decision

Apple’s new iPhone 15 models are getting rounder, faster and more expensive, according to the latest leaks. But their most requested feature now looks set to come with a nasty surprise.

Respected Apple insider ShrimpApplePro has confirmed leaks last month that Apple will lock down the USB-C port on all iPhone 15 models. The leaker states that “Yeah usb-c with MFI is happening” and “Cables w no MFI will be software limited in data and charging speed.”

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max render based on multiple leaks


This will stun Apple fans and industry observers because 1) USB-C is supposed to be an open standard, and 2) Apple introduced USB-C to iPads and MacBooks without any restrictions.

For those unaware of MFi, it stands for ‘Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad” and is Apple’s official licensing program for accessories for those devices. Royalties associated with MFi certification are not made public, but were previously reported to cost as much as $4 per connector. This is why MFi-licensed accessories cost significantly more than their unlicensed counterparts.

Apple keeps manufacturers in line by installing an authenticator chip on ports, which can even limit or disable the accessories completely. A pop-up notification also warns owners that an unlicensed accessory is connected.

iPhone 15 in the leaked bright pink and blue finishes


Apple argues that MFi protects devices, which has some merit, though the profit the program generates is widely seen as the primary reason iPhones failed to move to USB-C. Following an EU clampdown on proprietary ports, the expectation was Apple would open up iPhones, but it now appears that the company has decided to manipulate the standard.

This will be a blow given USB-C opens the door for iPhones to introduce much faster charging and data speeds, and leaks claim iPhone 15 Pro models will deliver over 40x faster performance. But now, seemingly only via MFi-approved accessories. Not the most environmentally friendly option for anyone who already has a drawer full of USB-C cables.

ShrimpApplePro states that Foxconn has already begun mass production of MFI-licensed accessories, including Apple’s own EarPods and cables. While iPhone fans are unlikely to consider this news a dealbreaker, I doubt it is how industry observers and EU lawmakers expected USB-C to be implemented by the world’s biggest smartphone maker.

Apple’s iPhone 15 range is expected to launch in September with a more rounded design, new chassis materials and colors, solid-state buttons, next-gen WiFi and a 3nm A17 chipset. But also noticeably higher prices.

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