Pauly Shore reacts to Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Encino Man’ Oscars jab: ‘I loved it’

Shore took Kimmel’s quip in stride and gave a shout-out to his old pals Ke Huy Quan and Brendan Fraser.


By Lauren Huff March 13, 2023 at 08:51 PM EDT

Encino Man

It’s good to see Pauly Shore hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

A day after Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel made a joke at Shore’s expense during his opening monologue, the actor and comedian laughed it off — and gave a heartfelt shout-out to his old Encino Man costars Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan, both of whom took home trophies Sunday.

“I don’t know if you guys saw @TheAcademy Awards last night, but @jimmykimmel poked fun at me in the monologue,” Shore tweeted Monday. “I loved it.”

He added, “But what I REALLY loved is that my old buddies from back in the day, Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan, took home the Oscars! Never quit on your dreams.”

In Kimmel’s monologue, he noted that there were a whopping 16 first-time nominees in the acting categories — including Fraser and Quan, who starred alongside Shore in a certain caveman comedy way back in 1992.

“Two actors from Encino Man are nominated for Oscars,” Kimmel said. “What an incredible night it must be for the two of you, and what a very difficult night for Pauly Shore. Maybe it’s time to reboot Bio-Dome.”

Later in the evening, Fraser won for Best Actor for his role as a reclusive professor in The Whale, and Quan took home Best Supporting Actor for his role as a mild-mannered husband in Everything Everywhere All at Once. (Take a look at their sweet Oscars reunion below.)

Fraser and Quan’s wins both capped major career comebacks, which Shore alluded to in a Good Morning America segment that aired before Sunday’s ceremony. “I’m very excited for my two costars from Encino Man, both nominated this year for an Oscar,” he said. “It’s quite remarkable, it’s an insane story. These guys — what a comeback. It’s almost like they were Encino Men and they dethawed them, and they’re coming back to life.”

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