Report: Donald Trump’s VP Short List Is a Who’s Who of Uniquely Awful Republican Women

Back in January, we learned that Donald Trump was reportedly considering GOP representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to be his 2024 running mate. As a stark raving lunatic—who, among other things, believes there’s some truth to what QAnon says about Democrats being Satanic cannibal pedophiles, has insisted there’s no evidence a plane crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, and claimed the Clintons had JFK Jr. killed—the Georgia Republican is obviously a perfect complement to the most deranged president in modern history. But apparently, Greene isn’t the only certifiably insane candidate Trump has his eyes on.

That’s right, Axios reports that Trump is also mulling over Kari Lake as a VP pick. Like the 45th president, the former news anchor also has exactly zero government experience, although unlike Trump, she’s never actually won an election. But don’t tell her that! Since losing the Arizona gubernatorial race last November, Lake has insisted the whole thing was stolen from her; despite having her claims rejected by two different courts, she apparently believes the Arizona Supreme Court will rule in her favor. That defiance, in the face of utter facts, is presumably a large part of what Trump sees in her, in addition to liking that, per Axios, “she has shown she’s willing to defend him vociferously, no matter the issue or controversy.” (Ahead of the 2022 midterms, Lake called for her opponent to be thrown in jail for certifying the 2020 election results, which Trump surely loved. More recently, she called Maricopa County election officials “crooks” who need to be “locked up” for not buying her own election fraud claims.)

Incidentally, Trump is not the only one who thinks Lake would make a great vice president: Over the weekend, she won the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll for GOP VP candidates, beating out Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Ted Cruz, and Mike Pence. Her response?

While this level of delusion is apparently no problem for Team Trump—and in fact, is apparently a selling point—friends of the former guy tell Axios that a “big downside” to adding Lake to the ticket is the fact that she could potentially “outshine” Trump, since she “would be assumed to be angling for president from the day she entered the White House.” (In a statement, Trump spokesman Steven Cheung told the outlet: “Anyone who thinks they know what President Trump is going to do is seriously misinformed and trying to curry favor with ‘potential’ VP candidates. President Trump will choose his running mate on his own time, and those who are playing the media game are doing so at their own peril.”)

In any case, neither Lake nor Marjorie Taylor Greene are sure bets. Also reportedly under consideration? Arkansas governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who spent almost two years as White House press secretary lying on Trump’s behalf. According to The New York Times, Trump recently asked Sanders to endorse him for 2024 and she declined to do so for now. (Trump, naturally, angrily denied this.) Others close to Trump are said to think his former UN ambassador and current competition, Nikki Haley, “might be the best fit,” Axios adds. (In a shot at both Trump and Joe Biden, last month Haley called for “mandatory mental competency tests” for any politician over the age of 75.) Rounding out the reported shortlist is South Dakota governor and MAGA faithful Kristi Noem, who Trump confidants think has “strong veep potential.”

Speaking of Trump and VPs, Mike Pence will obviously not be returning for a second round—though he has not ruled out the prospect of voting for his old boss in 2024, despite the whole “Hang Mike Pence” business. 

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