Sean Hannity says Floyd Mayweather didn’t use 90 percent of his skills when fighting Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is set to return to the UFC sometime later this year to fight Michael Chandler for the TUF finale, but he’s got his eyes on another opponent too … Floyd Mayweather.

FOX News host Sean Hannity thinks Mayweather wasn’t using all his skills and was curious how he might fare in an MMA fight.

“I watched you and Floyd Mayweather, and let me tell you, 90 percent of his skill he put behind his back. Now I’d like to see Mayweather get in the octagon and let him fight that way.”

McGregor then mentioned that he and Mayweather had an agreement before their 2016 boxing fight that he would fight in the boxing ring and Mayweather would fight in a cage. But only half of the agreement happened.”

“It was a verbal agreement. I box him, he fights me. But you know, he didn’t honor it,” McGregor said “Who knows? He could still do it. I would go against him in another boxing bout. I could always just say it’s going to be a boxing fight and then just bend the rules a little bit when we’re in there. Maybe, could be an option. I have thought about that.” 

McGregor revealed his plans to get back in the Octagon should come late Summer.

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