AIROH Aviator Ace 2 and Twist 3 Helmets Take the Stage!

AIROH stands out as a reference in the motorcycle helmet industry, highly favored by both major off-road champions and enthusiasts in motocross and enduro.Among its most popular helmets are undoubtedly the completely revamped Aviator Ace and Twist series in the 2024 collection.

Known for its innovative and original designs, the brand once again sets the pace in the industry with the Aviator Ace 2 and Twist 3 models.The Aviator Ace 2 caters not only to off-road enthusiasts but also to urban riders who aim to make a statement. Standing out with its compact structure and lightweight design, this model also catches eyes with its compatibility with Bluetooth communication systems. Moreover, it prioritizes riders’ safety with its dual-shell construction and other safety features.

On the other hand, the Twist 3 model elevates the off-road experience for adventurous spirits. Crafted from high-resistance materials, its dual-shell structure and advanced ventilation system ensure maximum comfort even during prolonged rides. Its compatibility with Bluetooth communication systems and updated design further underscore its appeal.

AIROH’s innovative approach and constantly evolving products maintain its position as a leader in the industry, prioritizing riders’ safety and comfort. The Aviator Ace 2 and Twist 3 models exemplify this commitment, continuing to excite motorcycle enthusiasts.

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