Defeating Stephen A. Smith, and LeBron James, Shannon Sharpe Reveals Who Could Beat Him at Word Wars at Cam Newton’s Podcast

There are only four names from the lot given to Shannon Sharpe, with whom he thinks he can’t win. From the rest, it might either be a struggling game or an easy win for the Denver Broncos’ legend.

Shannon Sharpe discussed the NFL, NBA, comedians, and a lot about popular athletes on Cam Newton’s ‘Funky Friday’ podcast, which was exclusively released for EssentiallySports before being released for the public this Friday. During the show, they also played a game called “sharp words,” wherein Sharpe had to participate and predict who he thinks will win in a lip sparring match against him.

The first name Newton took was of YouTuber and actor, Jake Paul. Shannon believes he would win against Paul in a war of words, relying on his quick wit and experience from attending an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), where verbal sparring is common. What a witty answer that was! Moving forward, among several names, Sharpe admitted that he couldn’t win a verbal sparring game against UFC star Conor McGregor, former linebacker Ray Lewis, ESPN host Stephen A. Smith, and former WR Terrell Owens.


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For McGregor, Sharpe explained, “Conor is up there with Ali. And you know Conor is up there with Ali as far as being able to get into an opponent’s head, and the things that he says, the quick wittedness that he possesses. Yeah, Conor is on a different level.” Besides acknowledging his defeat against UFC Champ, he also admitted that he can’t win a verbal sparring game against Ray Lewis, and Terrell Owens, hinting at their “hard-hitting” and very vocal attitude. Additionally, for Smith, he mentioned that he respects his skills of verbally hitting at anyone, hence, he believes he would lose to him.

Besides them, Newton also took names of businessman LaVar Ball, rapper Kendrick Lamar, comic character Soldier Boy, Prime Time Deion Sanders, Donald Trump, Steve Smith, Skip Bayless, Shaquille O’Neal, and many comedians like Cat Williams and Mike Epps. But Sharpe believes that he could win or either have a close game against the above-mentioned names.

Meanwhile, during the show, Sharpe mentioned one name he thinks, although could not defeat him in a war of words, could roast him in a roasting show.


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Sharpe’s challenge to Stephen A. Smith!

In the same episode of the show, Shannon Sharpe took a jab on Stephen A. Smith, expressing his desire to roast him. In the sharp words game, Sharpe admitted his loss to Smith, acknowledging his skill in verbal sparring. However, when Cam Newton asked him if he wanted to participate in a roasting show, the former NFL player immediately expressed his interest. And guess what? He picked the name of the ESPN host Smith first, with whom he has a series of banter and roasting publicly.


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Mentioning his desire, Sharpe expressed, “I want to roast Stephen A. I told Stephen A, even if I’m in a colony on the moon, I’m going pay to fly back, and I’m going light his a** up.” This statement came a month after Smith’s roast for Sharpe, where he joked on the Los Angeles Lakers’ early NBA playoff exit this past season, keeping in mind that Sharpe is a big Lakers’ fan. Now, fans are awaiting Smith’s reply to this.

Meanwhile, Sharpe also admitted that accepting the right price for such roast shows is important because roasts can impact the families of the person being roasted, and doing it for free would be foolish.

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