Draymond Green Might Be NBA’s ‘Top Instigator’ but Warriors Star Is No Patrick Beverley, Claims Ex-ESPN Employee

The last 24 hours have brought a lot of embarrassment and controversy for the Milwaukee Bucks. First, while facing early elimination at the hands of the Indiana Pacers, Patrick Beverley threw a ball at a Pacers fan in the stands during the game. Then, minutes after the final whistle, his disrespectful gesture toward veteran ESPN producer Malinda Adams brought more heat toward him and the organization. While majority of the times, Draymond Green is considered the most controversial player in the league, even he stays away from the route Beverley took last night, and former ESPN employee Mark Willard pointed it out.

Talking about a significant difference between Draymond and Beverley’s antics, Willard said on the Willard & Dibs show, “Draymond has spent the last I don’t know how many years being the top instigator in the NBA… There’s one thing he’s never ever ever done. Take it off the court.” Although Draymond has built a bad reputation in the league because of his unusual antics on the court, which even led to two lengthy suspensions earlier this season, he has never taken his battles to the stands or unnecessarily target a media personnel.


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In an incident that caused the NBA media world to unite and bash Beverley on all platforms, the Bucks guard denied Malinda Adams an interview just for the sole reason that she wasn’t subscribed to his podcast. Not only that, he also told her to step away from the circle citing the same reason. Even during the fan altercation, Beverley threw the ball at a fan not once, but twice. And his actions could result in serious consequences from the league.

What are Draymond Green’s thoughts on Patrick Beverley’s actions?

Infamous for getting into altercations on the court, even Draymond Green believed Pat Bev’s actions were way out of line last night. While discussing Beverley’s fan interaction during the game on The Draymond Green Show, the Warriors star said, “It’s about as close as you can get to going in the stands, and that is forbidden for us.” Even Draymond, despite all the controversies he has been a part of, is aware where the line is for players. With that, Draymond also claimed that Beverley might have opened a whole new can of worms as the fan he hit with the ball might even file charges against the Bucks star, which will increase further problems.


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Also, Draymond believed that Beverley’s antics only come out when he loses and said, “That one might have been crazier than the CP push.” Referring to the time when Beverley pushed Chris Paul during Game 6 of the 2021 playoffs. After CP3 hit a dagger three-point shot on the Clippers, he walked past Beverley during a timeout. Somehow, Beverley got instigated and turned around to shove CP3 from behind. It led to Beverley getting ejected from the game.


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Now that everyone believes what Beverley did on and off the court last night was wrong, we can expect Adam Silver to take some serious action against him so that it does not become a recurring incident.

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