Enshrouded Best Base Locations

Building a base in Enshrouded is necessary to proceed in the game. You cannot think of moving forward on your adventure without equipping yourself with a base. For this reason, in this article, we will try to give you some advice on the Enshrouded best base locations that you can find in the game. In fact, there are points on the map that are truly strategic and that allow you to make the most of the environment around you, especially if you are at the beginning of your adventure. If you too have just started your journey into the world of Enshrouded, this article is for you.

How to Choose a Base Location in Enshrouded

The first thing to know, before proceeding to tell you what the Enshrouded best base locations are, is what you should consider in order to ensure that an area can be considered valid or not. There are, in fact, some things to take into consideration that make an area the right one in which you can start putting down roots and create your base. Let’s find out together what it is.

One piece of advice we can give you is to build your base high up, so that you can have a view of everything around you. Furthermore, this will also allow you to make use of your Glider to move faster from one point to another. This is very important, especially at the beginning of your adventure, when you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit many places and unlock the fast travel points.

Obviously, however, not every elevated area is good. In fact, another thing you need to take into consideration is the presence of resources. In Enshrouded, it is vitally important to have resources on hand, especially those that will be most useful for creating almost anything, such as Metal Scraps. Therefore, try to find a place where there is no shortage of places where you can go in search of resources that you can use to create tools and so on.

Finally, another very important thing to take into consideration is the presence of enemies. Building right next to where enemies are located can actually be a good thing. Of course, we don’t recommend building in the exact same spot, but still close by. For what reason? Simple. Killing enemies is a good way to level up in Enshrouded, as well as to obtain resources and materials that you will need during your adventure.

Enshrouded best base locations

Enshrouded Best Base Locations

Now that you know what requirements each base should have, you can start experimenting and finding the place you like best. However, in case you want more direct help, we can give you some Enshrouded best base locations that you could use to start building your base. Obviously, these locations are just a starting point, and as you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to build bases in different locations.

Small Flint Mine Base

A place that is very convenient for its location is undoubtedly Flint Mine. This is a suitable place for anyone who decides to build a base near a group of enemies to be able to use them to level up faster. Furthermore, as if that wasn’t enough, you will also have easy access to the Shroud to the north, which will allow you to obtain certain types of resources.

Enshrouded best base locations

Vukah Ceremony Hill Base

This place is perfect because, just north of it, there are two mining nodes for both Flint and Salt. For this reason, creating a base in the center of these two mines is the right move to make to obtain many resources that will certainly come in handy. Additionally, you will also have access to the Shroud from both the west and east, so this is a really good place to build a base.

Enshrouded best base locations

Ferndale Base

Another place we can recommend to build your Enshrouded base is Ferndale. This location is perfect for those who want to build a base near enemies so they can use them to level up. This area, in fact, is full of enemies on all sides. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also have access to the Shroud to the west. As a result, this is a great area to establish your base.

Enshrouded best base locations

Enshrouded Best Base Locations

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