“F**king Pathetic.”: Fans See Sense in Draymond Green’s Retaliation Against Jalen Brunson Despite Fractured Hand

After witnessing Jalen Brunson’s performance against the Indian Pacers in game 7 today, many have started to side with Golden State Warriors center Draymond Green’s take about the New York Knicks point guard. The excitement at Madison Square Garden kept reducing every minute after Brunson missed shots one after the other. It turned worse after the 27-year-old fractured his left hand during the third quarter. However, fans did not show any sympathy to Brunson, as they started to see sense in Draymond Green‘s words from a few days ago. 

Brunson was not only missing shots, but he was also making a lot of careless mistakes which the Indiana Pacers took advantage of. The Knicks were called for a 5-second violation which was the turning point of the game, and the blame ultimately fell on Brunson. Later, he headed to the locker room with a fractured left hand, but fans did not hold back.

Draymond Green was questioned if Brunson was the best point guard in the NBA. The 2016 DPOY denied and went on to choose his teammate Stephen Curry. Many did not agree with this take a few days ago, but after Brunson’s underwhelming performance today, they eventually switched sides. 


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A fan tweeted, “They really put Jalen Brunson over Steph Curry as the best point guard today”, agreeing with Green’s take about the Knicks guard. 

Another fan wrote, “Absolutely f****** pathetic. Jalen Brunson. 5 second call, your fault. Cutting in front of the inbounded not paying attention. Your fault. You are the reason why we r here.” The Knicks are officially out of playoff contention and their 24-year streak of not making it to the Conference Finals continues. 

They really put Jalen Brunson over Steph Curry as the best point guard today🤮🤮🤮

— Depressed Sports Fan🇵🇭 (@_jhonmarkjr) May 19, 2024

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