Fortnite Weapons Tier List – Best New Chapter 5 S3 Weapons

The weapons have had some huge changes this season. Car combat is a much bigger factor now, but the best Fortnite weapons are still key. The top guns have plenty of reasons to be carried this season.

In a Fortnite Chapter 5 weapons tier list, there’s been a lot of change. This is how things balance out over the current season of Fortnite.


SUV - Fortnite Weekly Quests

We could break things down by the exact mods, but cars are the item this season.

Epic has more than buffed cars. They’ve kind of made Battle Royale into Rocket Racing Royale. Cars are comparable to the older mechs at this point.

It’s a way for you to get 2,000 health (more if you have a regenerating boss car). Extra health that also has massive mobility compared to anything you can do on foot. Plus, with weapons attached it can annihilate players quickly.

Outside of tournaments, grabbing a car with proper mods might be more important than weapons. Once you get a turret on there, indestructible wheels, it’s going to be hard to beat.

This season, the cars are the best Fortnite Chapter 5 weapons. Counters are in the works, but at the moment they’re easily at the top of the Fortnite weapons tier list.

Nitro Fists

Fortnite Weapons Tier List

Now that cars are out of the way, we can get to the real Fortnite weapons, right? Not quite. There’s more crazy stuff in the loot pool first.

Nitro Fists are one of the most useful new items and most frustrating. With these, you have the rotation and movement feature we saw with the Kinetic Blade, but better. Then, you have a melee attack combo, which does too much damage.

However, Nitro Fists can break into builds. Not eventually like any old gun, but pretty much whenever you want. These things can instantly shoot you into a box and then finish off a player. They’re a frustratingly low skill weapon, which are getting tons of kills and winning games of Fortnite.

It’s the kind of weapon, that’s going to annoy players. However, it’s also the sort that’s going to outperform most of the other guns. It’s one of the best Fortnite weapons this season.

Gatekeeper Shotgun

Gatekeeper Shotgun - Best Fortnite Weapons

The Gatekeeper was last seasons’ new additions to our shotgun pantheon, and it’s a keeper. It’s stuck around as one of the top picks in the Fortnite Chapter 5 weapons tier list.

Not a lot needs to be said about the Gatekeeper. It has the power and accuracy of a pump with the speed of an Auto. It’s the best of both worlds.

Cerberus is still around too, if you fancy tackling the guard of the underworld for his Mythic. The fight is considerably easier now as an NPC location challenge not a boss fight. Fewer players are going for it too, since cars are kicking around.

The Gatekeeper Shotgun will likely remain the best shotgun for this season. Hopefully, between the box breaking gloves and turning any car into a tank, they’ll still be some time for some real shotgun fights this season with the Gatekeeper.

Combat Assault Rifle

Fortnite Weapons Tier List

The Combat AR is back with a few changes. This is a new entry to the best Fortnite weapons tier list for this season. It’s especially useful in its new Mythic variety.

The Combat AR is almost like a return to older AR gameplay in a Chapter that’s ditched it. These have decent accuracy and fire fast enough to actually get something done. They even stand up to the 2000 health every single car has now, if you have persistence.

It’s a great Mythic to pick up and it’ll be useful if you’re playing more at a mid-range. Right now, a lot of players might be sticking with car turrets for this range, but it’s got its uses and its one of the stronger guns.

The Frenzy is still here, kinda. It’s not in the general loot pool but the dominant weapon of Season 1 is back, the Oscar Mythic. This one is pretty useful. It’s only one of a kind though and competition from the Gatekeeper is a bit fiercer now.

The Harbinger SMG is back again. It’s still a pretty useful gun which dominates its niche. SMGs are less useful, but this one is still one of the best Fortnite weapons.

The Boom Bolt is a new addition to the Fortnite Weapons tier list that is really quite fun. It fires rounds which then explode. It’s great for taking out players in cars if you get the angle exactly right and dealing quite a bit of damage. The Bolts biggest problem is it’s a bit circumstantial though. Not quite widespread enough to be a real counter for the cars. Other than that, it’s one of the best Fortnite Chapter 5 weapons.

Those are the best Fortnite Chapter 5 weapons. There are some clear standouts this season like the Fists and Gatekeeper. However, there’s still potential if you get creative enough with even lower-ranked items.

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