G2 Come Alive on Day Five on BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

We’ve reached the end of day five of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024, with just two more days of competition left to go. One team in particular has impressed us, while two really haven’t. We’re covering a few of the day’s main talking points, so you’re all caught up with the action.

G2 looking comfortable

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © BLAST

Sometimes, you can only beat the team in front of you. G2 managed to do just that on day five of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024. You won’t find many singing the praises of G2 for defeating NIP once again, but they were impressive in ensuring that the Ninjas never even came close to competing in a straightforward 2:0 series.

Once again, the spotlight will rightly fall onto m0NESY. The young AWPer hasn’t missed a beat moving into competitive CS2, looking head and shoulders above his teammates and enemies alike. He makes it look so easy, a contrast made even more stark when he’s on the server with ex-NAVI Junior teammate, headtr1ck.

G2 are a team with ambitions to challenge for every trophy in 2024. To make that happen, avoiding banana slips like NIP is an essential part of that process. They’re well and truly alive in Copenhagen now. Their rematch against NAVI is a great chance to avenge their loss from a few days back, as well as secure their place in the Spring Final.

Falcons fall already

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © BLAST

After two defeats at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024, the Falcons superteam have been sent down to the Spring Showdown. It was a less-than-ideal debut for the Saudi Arabian-based organization, which has invested heavily to ensure Falcons are at the top of the CS2 scene.

On day five, it was Vitality who proved a challenge too far. That said, it was a competitive performance, with Falcons taking a map and keeping the other two relatively close.

Falcons have already spoken about the lack of practice on the team so far. While they won’t be pleased with the tournament result as a whole, taking a map from Vitality is a positive sign that Falcons can become a real force once the team cohesion is there.

With Falcons going the Spring Showdown, Vitality now face Astralis for a guaranteed spot in the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024.

Cloud9 to the Showdown

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © BLAST

We’ve touched lightly on Cloud9’s need for an AWPer already during this competition. Never was it more clear than today. A 2:0 loss to a disjointed BIG side is a really rough result that sees them drop straight down to the Spring Showdown.

We imagine Cloud9 are locked into their current roster until at least the end of the Major cycle. One can’t help but wonder what a player like degster (who remains in OG contract jail) would look like in this team – it’s food for thought.

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