“He Ain’t Fought Nobody”: Bill Haney Fires Shots at Shakur Stevenson After His Claim to Replace Ryan Garcia Against Devin Haney

Ryan Garcia’s fight antics stir the boxing world. Is his April bout against Devin Haney in jeopardy? Enter Shakur Stevenson, ready to step in. He’s eyeing Garcia’s spot if Garcia backs out. But there’s a twist. Bill Haney, Devin’s father, had a clear response as he dashed Shakur’s hopes. No deal with Shakur, he initially declared.

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What’s behind Ryan’s erratic social media behavior? Fans speculate, and confusion mounts. Stevenson seizes an opportunity and announces his move publicly. However, Bill’s skepticism looms large. Will Shakur get his chance? Or is it just noise from the sidelines?

Is Shakur Stevenson not a possibility for Devin Haney ever?


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Bill Haney’s recent Instagram Live session was a clear-cut dismissal of Shakur Stevenson’s aspirations to step in for Ryan Garcia. “Anybody else sending out messages that they’re going to fill in… they can’t do any of that… They want to talk about Devin when he got a fight lined up… No, we’re not going to talk about that and I didn’t want to talk about that and it’s not that I would never entertain a fight between him and Devin. That’s completely false,” he firmly stated, setting the record straight. His focus is unshaken, undistracted by the buzz Stevenson is trying to create.

Devin Haney’s father/trainer Bill Haney firing back at Shakur Stevenson today after he claimed he could jump in and replace Ryan Garcia on April 20th: “He ain’t fought nobody.”

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Moreover, Haney didn’t mince words about Stevenson’s credibility. “What I’ll never do is think that Shakur Stevenson’s word in business means anything… You’ve seen unethical things that he’s done when I talk to him. He records and then misconstrues the recording… I text him and we text back and forth. He comes back to the media and shows the media the text and then misinterprets the text as if we not with what we appear to be with, he declared, reflecting on a previous offer from Stevenson that was turned down—Shakur once refused to fight Devin, demanding more than 25% purse.


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Bill Haney then dove deeper, scrutinizing Shakur’s track record and recent performances. “He ain’t fought nobody,” he emphasized, suggesting Stevenson’s opponents haven’t been of a caliber that would prepare him for a fighter like Devin. His critique extended to Shakur’s last bout against Edwin De Los Santos, where he spotted “a whole bunch of holes” in Stevenson’s performance that wouldn’t warrant getting him a fight against Devin Haney.


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Denied once, dismissed again

Haney accused Stevenson of misrepresenting their private communications. “He records… then misconstrued the recording as if Devin is not with to smoke or we not with to smoke,” Haney accused, expressing frustration over Stevenson’s portrayal of their discussions and negotiations.

Bill’s disappointment was palpable as he discussed the misuse of social media in negotiation tactics. He challenged Stevenson’s reliance on public call-outs rather than professional dealings, suggesting that such antics do little to solidify a fight. “With all the tweeting, texting… they haven’t been able to land the fight yet. It can’t be everybody else’s fault, Bill Haney pointed out, signaling that despite Stevenson’s efforts and the backing of a strong promotional team, they’ve fallen short of securing a bout with top-level fighters.


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In essence, Bill Haney’s statements painted a picture of a fighter and team, undeterred by external noise, firmly committed to their path. What do you think – should Shakur Stevenson get a title shot with Devin Haney if Ryan Garcia falls off? Let us know in the comments below.

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