How to Get Fortnite Bot Lobbies For Easy Empty Wins

There’s a method to get guaranteed Fortnite bot lobbies in every game, this is a step-by-step guide to the easiest lobbies you’ve seen.

Fortnite throws 100 players all together for an all-out Battle Royale, or it did at one point in its lifespan. It’s no secret there’s been tons of bots in the game for a while now. As many as 75% of normal public games are bots. What if you wanted entirely Fortnite bot lobbies though?

Some players might see the appeal. XP is harder and harder to come by, even on the best Fortnite XP maps. Quests are becoming more of a pain too. If you want to get stuff done without much challenge, or just have the fun of playing around in a basic lobby, there’s a there’s a simple method to get bot lobbies in Fortnite.

We’ll break down the system for how to get Fortnite bot lobbies every game here.

Who gets Fortnite Bot Lobbies?

How to Get Fortnite Bot Lobbies - Victory Royale

Every game of Fortnite has bots. Some have more than three-quarters bots even with decent players occupying the battle bus. However, true “bot lobbies”, as they’re known, are mainly for brand-new players.

If you’re part of the Fortnite player base who’s been here since before Chapter 2, you likely never experienced this. However, Fortnite has long been giving new players an easy round. The first Victory Royale is always free.

Brand-new players get bot lobbies. Not bad lobbies, not Nintendo Switch lobbies, not mainly bot lobbies, but basic intro lobbies. It’s entirely bots operating with simpler enemy behavior.

It’s beyond what we know as a Fortnite bot. Not uncommon to run into 4 of these guys in a Mexican standoff, just missing every shot in a circle for five solid minutes.

These lobbies are the newbie, their teammate, and a more simplistic form of bot that exists to give the new player an easy ride while they learn.

How can we get into these Fortnite bot lobbies with normal accounts that typically get placed with decent players?

Getting Set Up for Fortnite Bot Lobbies

Before you can actually queue into bot lobbies, you’ll need to do a tiny bit of set-up. At one point this step required purchasing a second bit of hardware to play the game, but thanks to Fortnite streaming options that’s a thing of the past.

Essentially, you get bot lobbies by partnering up with a brand-new player. But, with a little trick, it can be repeatable. So, to start we’ll need a fresh Fortnite account. You’ll need to make a secondary account or get a friend to help.

The simplest way to do this is to use a streaming service that offers Fortnite for free. You can set it up in a few minutes, and join your own party using mobile Fortnite or even just a browser window. With a second account set-up, this is all you need to do.

How to Get Fortnite Bot Lobbies - Streaming

How to Get Bot Lobbies in Fortnite

Now all prepared, we can actually get started loading into Fortnite bot lobbies.  Have both devices active on Fortnite, and you’re ready to start up. These are the steps:

Step 1. Add your alt account as a friend

Step 2. Party up both accounts

How to Get Fortnite Bot Lobbies - Join Game

Step 3. Queue into Duos, Trios, or whatever your game mode is

Step 4. Once in the Battle Bus, quit out with your new account

How to Get Fortnite Bot Lobbies - Leave Game

Step 5. Play the game on your main, in a 100% bot lobby

What’s great about these bots is they really are the intro-level enemies. They aren’t the AI Epic uses to populate the bus in normal matches, they’re actually worse. There are a few details to doing this though that you might want to be aware of first.

Crowns and Bot Lobbies

You can’t win Crowns in bot lobbies.

If your first thought at learning you could get a game of bots was you’d grind up crown wins to flex on friends, a lot of players were ahead of you here. Epic fixed it.

Wins in raw Fortnite bot lobbies will no longer award crowns, or crown wins. You’ll simply get an old-fashioned Victory Royale without a crown or an increase in the total for your emote.

This is a fair change that stops players gaming these lobbies. They are still plenty useful for doing quests, a bit of practice, or trying out new Fortnite weapons though.

Fortnite Creator Ranger Wins 1000 Crowned Victory Royales

Keeping Your Fortnite Bot Lobbies

That’s how you get one bot game, but what about once that extra account has a bit of experience and Epic puts them back in real lobbies? There’s a workaround for that too.

With the system for how to get bot lobbies in Fortnite, it takes advantage of getting these opponents in your very first game. Once the new account has a bit of history behind it, you’ll be out of these lobbies.

The easiest solution to this is to back out on your alt account in the Battle Bus. The account receives zero XP, and zero credit for anything that happens in the match. It can continually queue up into games this way provided it always quits before the fight begins.

That’s how you can grab bot lobbies in Fortnite. This way of playing just for fun, or to get specific objectives done, or just experiment. It isn’t really a replacement for playing live Battle Royale though.

Getting a win in Fortnite has much more achievement when you’re actually beating out other skilled opponents. But, you might be able to concentrate on that better if you get your frustrations out in a bot lobby first.

How to Get Fortnite Bot Lobbies For Easy Empty Wins

Ashley is a dedicated Fortnite player, in hour 3,000 of trying to finish above 90th.

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