How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Chapter 5

Chapter 5 has basically nerfed XP, but there are still methods for how to level up fast in Fortnite C5 S2.

Fortnite has more items than ever in its newer Battle Passes. Rewards don’t stop at 100 anymore. Sometimes it’s not even 150. To get everything you want from the Battle Pass, or even refund your V-Bucks, you’ll have to grind much more than last season! Levels over 100 aren’t just Super Styles, but arguably just as much a part of the Battle Pass.

What’s the solution? You could win games back-to-back and rack up tons of XP, or use some strategies to optimize how you level up fast in Fortnite. Making sure you can get enough levels to get your Battle Pass Fortnite skins essentially for free.

Each season players manage to reach tier 100 playing in just a few days! One specific player makes a challenge out of getting to Level 10 in a day, but that’s gotten significantly harder more recently. Even if your target is Level 200 though, things can be optimized to get there quicker.

Epic has taken away some of our best tools in Chapter 5 for climbing BP levels. In their place though, we’ve gotten a good number of different quests we can use to rise up. If you want to reach those top spots as quickly as possible, you need to know how to level up fast in Fortnite Chapter 5.

How to Level up Fast in Fortnite Chapter 5

Dailys are Gone, but There’s Replacements

Fortntie Weekly Quests - Week 3
The best method to gradually climb in older Fortnite was to do your dailies each day which gets you most of the way there when it snowballed over an entire season. Epic removed Dailys though.
We now have match quests. These take much longer. You get a choice of three, which is an improvement. You can only do one per game though, which could triple the time they take to complete.
Even if they’re more time-intensive, Match Quests should still be completed up to 3 a day. That’s to get the bonus reward. You can still do these in Team Rumble, so on days you don’t want to play you can always jump in, do one game, the quest, and repeat until all three are sorted.

Now we can choose one out of three, you can usually pick one that’s complete-able in the first 30 seconds of a round. Like “Emote at POI”. These can actually make the Match quests quicker to complete than the Dailys were if done right.

Rocket Racing Daily Quests

Free Fortnite Skins Jackie

The least played part of the new Fortnite modes is Rocker Racing. If we’re going by raw player numbers, Fortnite’s least popular mode is racing. Although, it has the best dailies for the Battle Pass. You can complete six daily quests a day here.

These will really help to move you up each day, especially since races are so quick. Try to burn these off each day to help you climb up further. A decent quick method for how to level up fast in Fortnite.

Never Miss a Weekly

All Fortnite Weekly Quests - Week 5

We’ve had tons of change in Fortnite quests but some things stay the same. Fortnite Weekly quests are still one of the best sources of XP.

Completing all of the Weeklies every week is going to contribute a lot to your final XP. Some of these can be tricky, so they might be easier in Team Rumble. However, most are achievable if you put your mind to it. Getting them done really helps you out.

The weeklies alone will move you a good portion of the way through the Battle Pass. These don’t expire either. You can do all weeks of quests in the final few days if you want to.

Events and Quests

Fortnite Avatar Skins

In the past, Epic used to have collabs with special quests that give XP. These days they’ve moved to using unique currency for event passes, like the Elements Avatar Pass. However, they’re still useful for leveling up.

Players can get instant level-ups from these passes. They’re even more time-limited though, so make sure you get all available level-ups before the event expires.


Best Fortnite XP Maps

Those are our main three ways to get extra XP when you’re in Battle Royale. However, there’s a whole world of Fortnite. Creative maps can give XP too. Not all of them do, but some are great.

Some maps basically exist purely to give you XP. It’s an easy way to level up quickly. However, those that use an exploit are patched quickly and kind of risky.

The safest way to level up fast in Fortnite Creative is to stick to maps that have a real objective, but also give XP. These are safe to use and can help you get up a lot of levels if done regularly.

Play the Rest of Fortnite

Lego Fortnite XP Glitch

There’s more out there in Chapter 5, including Rocket Racing, Lego, and Festival. These are all effective ways to get XP, especially if you haven’t played much of them.

The early part of each game mode has special quests which give a lot of XP. You can hop into these modes whenever you want to finish them off. During the first months, these even had a bug where you got AFK Fortnite XP. That’s been patched now though, so don’t just leave your character ideal anymore.

Once you’re past the initial period, these games give varying level of XP. Festival is lower. This is because it has its own Battle Pass which you need to progress through. Rocket Racing and Lego on the other hand both still hand out decent XP. Especially if you’re playing with a bit of a purpose and doing achievements.

Boost your XP in Every Game

The victory crown item appears on top of a plush red cushion held up by one of Fortnite's iconic Llama characters wearing an eyepatch

Those are the best ways to play Fortnite as a whole, but what about inside the game? If you’re focusing on your grind in Battle Royale. There’s stuff you can do in every game to ensure you’re prioritizing XP though. These are some tips to keep in mind for normal rounds, to get XP even if you’re trying to win that game of Fortnite

  • Interactions Give XP- You get XP for opening containers and interacting with things. You don’t for harvesting. Actually open stuff, don’t just harvest the container it’s sat on.
  • Cherise Crowns – Crowns give you extra XP for doing anything. Keep this in mind when you’re wearing one.
  • Bounties and Tasks – The bounty board machines give out loads of tasks now. These can be quite rewarding.
  • Survivor Medals – This new questline has tons of XP for you. Gradually make your way through to earn your llama and more XP.
  • Party Assists – Some quests work for your whole party! Squad up with returning players to get the benefit of their uncompleted quests.

Those are some ways to level up fast in Fortnite. Most exploits tend to get patched out by Epic relatively quickly. Using the right strategies that they have intentionally put in the game though, and you can get through the Battle Pass pretty quickly.

How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Chapter 5

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