“I Worry”: After Roman Reigns’ Leukaemia, Paul Heyman’s Emerging Health Issues Highlighted

The Bloodline storyline without Paul Heyman is not something sweet to even imagine in the far-fetched future. The Wise Man, more like a guardian angel, has been sticking to his Tribal Chief and the other family members through thick and thin for years, leading to unbridled growth and success. However, the latest dramatic changes within the faction, with Solo Sikoa being the self-acclaimed leader amidst Roman Reigns and The Rock’s prolonged absence, marred the character essence of Reigns’ special counsel. That’s, however, not the only aspect of Heyman that needs to be dealt with immediate attention according to a wrestling veteran.

A wrestling royalty outlined his concern about another major problem related to his plenteous body mass.

Jim Ross perturbed by Paul Heyman’s weight gain


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Wrestling and working out go hand in hand together. From Dwayne Johnson to The Miz, the bigwigs often occupy the social media wall displaying their chiseled physiques and the build-up procedures. Although Heyman isn’t someone to put his body on the line regularly, the lack of physical fitness can get the better of his self-image, resulting in poor mic performances. Also, it can lead to the onset of a life-threatening disease in the long run. While Roman Reigns has already been amidst the taxing Leukemia remission journey, his special counsel’s good health is of utter concern for the entire Bloodline and the fans.

According to Ross, the stagnant giant body weight is the only negative aspect of the new Hall of Famer’s professional prowess.

Elucidating the same in the recent edition of Busted Open Radio, the former WWE icon noted, ”Here’s the only thing the only negative about Paul that I see is the thought that Pot calls the kettle black, I worry about his weight. I worry that he’s getting heavier than hell and that’s going to be counterproductive for his health and I don’t want to see that happen because you know he’s not working out you know he’s not getting any exercise probably my guess is he isn’t.”

Ross has always been a strong pro-Heyman voice. So his concern doesn’t stem from malicious intent as he rather looks out for a friend. He validated his old peer’s Hall of Fame induction to the core when it first came to the surface.


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Jim Ross has been a strong admirer of Heyman’s storied career

Paul Heyman has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 2024. Heyman started his career on a high note with a revolutionary run as the head of ECW back in the 1990s. Ever since there has been no going back. After joining the force with the Stamford-based company, he managed and guided through the path of excellence a series of bigwigs like CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, and arguably the greatest of them all, the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. Ross closely witnessed his journey of Heyman to become the legendary manager he is today from just an unwanted, smart, demanding employee and believes nobody deserves the glory of a Hall of Fame honor more than him. Ross saw his spot in the Hall of Fame induction even before it was announced.

To speak of the Heyman’s immediate future in the business, the emerging Raw star Bron Breakker seems to be the next in line to avail the Wise Man’s valuable guidance amidst the uncertainty surrounding Bloodline.


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What’s your take on Jim Ross’ comment on Paul Heyman’s 258 lbs weight? Let us know in the comments.

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