Impa Kasanganay confident he’ll get a first-round finish against Jakob Nedoh, hopes to fight Rob Wilkinson next

Impa Kasanganay is looking to secure another first-round finish at PFL 5 to cement his spot in the playoffs.

Impa Kasanganay

Kasanganay is coming off a first-round TKO win over Alex Polizzi back in April to earn six points. It was a solid performance from the UFC vet, which got him back into the win column after his controversial loss to Johnny Eblen.

“I was happy. Alex Polizzi is a good fighter and the fact I was able to put him away in the first round is a testament to me and my team that we are able to put together a solid gameplan,” Kasanganay said on Just Scrap Radio on

However, every fighter that won in the light heavyweight division won by first-round stoppage, so Kasanganay may need another finish to advance to the playoffs. But, Kasanganay says he isn’t worried about that as he’s just focused on his fight.

“I don’t stress about that. I’m going to get another first-round finish. It’s not about the PFL or million dollars, it’s about the standard that I carry myself. The focus is always first-round finish. Last year I didn’t even fight in the first season, then all those guys popped so I fought in Atlanta and a first-round finish got me in, and I trust God,” Kasanganay said.

At PFL 5, Impa Kasanganay is set to take on Jakob Nedoh who lost by first-round stoppage in his regular season debut. Although Nedoh lost last time out, Kasanganay isn’t overlooking him.

“I’ve seen him fight twice. He’s a very good fighter, good athlete, good power. He earned himself as the PFL Europe champion which put him in the season. I’m looking forward to getting this victory and getting this finish. I have no issue with him, but I know what I need to do,” Kasanganay said.

If Impa Kasanganay does get his hand raised at PFL 5 against Jakob Nedoh, the former champ hopes he can face Rob Wilkinson in the semis or finals. Wilkinson won the PFL light heavyweight championship in 2022, so Kasanganay wants to make a statement by taking him out.

“I’m going to get this finish and then I’d love to fight Rob. He gets finishes and is a solid fighter. I want to fight the best of the best and take them out,” Kasanganay concluded.

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