Jeremy Martin Provides Update

Jeremy Martin Provides Update

Just a few days away from the AMA Pro Motocross Championship kickoff, the Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX Yamaha team provided a pre-season release on its riders. Five riders are mentioned in the press release—Coty Schock, Jett Reynolds, Mark Fineis, Garrett Marchbanks, and Phil Nicoletti—but two-time 250 Class AMA Motocross Champion Jeremy Martin was not mentioned at all. The #6 suffered a concussion in the final lap of his heat race at the 250SX East Region season opener in Detroit, Michigan, but returned to race the Daytona, Birmingham, and Indianapolis Supercross events, finishing 12th, fifth, and seventh, respectfully. In early April, it was announced Martin would be out for the remainder of the supercross season, although without going into much detail. While the PR did state Martin would sit out the final four rounds of supercross due to lingering head injuries, the release did end with the following note, not mentioning Pro Motocross at all:

“Now we will all take a deep breath and see what the future holds for the famed #6.”

Today, Martin provided an update on his personal Instagram page. He said the following, which you can watch in the video below:

“Hey, everyone, J-Mart here. I know I’ve been pretty darn quiet on social media lately, so I just kinda wanted to take some time here to give you a little bit of a life update. As you guys know February 1 for round one of the East Coast Supercross Series in Detroit, I went down, and I got knocked out. I also sustained a UCL avulsion fracture to my right thumb. I was able to get back on the ClubMX Yamaha machine and muster in some okay results for the boys there. And up until after Indianapolis Supercross, East Coast guys took a bit of a break. It was my first day in outdoors, I was probably about an hour and 20 minutes in, and I just made a mistake riding, and I was out for quite some time again. So that’s two concussions in six weeks. So, I’ve definitely had some lingering symptoms since then and I still don’t feel 100 percent quite yet. I have been running, I have been riding my mountain bike and in the gym. But like I said, I don’t feel quite 100 percent yet. So, with that being said, I know the first round of the Pro Motocross Series is coming up this weekend at Fox Raceway. It’s by far my favorite series to race in, so I wish all the boys the best of luck. Welcome to the great outdoors and I look forward to watching you guys from the TV, unfortunately.”

Martin captioned his post:

“Hey everyone I put together a little video of my current situation and why I’ve been so quiet.. I’m very grateful to have some amazing people around me like @clubmx @fxrracing @mucoff @atvs_and_more to be so understanding during this difficult time. Idk when I’ll return but the priority is giving myself time to be back to 100% health again first.”

In September 2023, Martin signed a three-year extension with the team that was set to run through the 2026 season.

Just two days after ClubMX announced Martin would be sidelined for the remainder of supercross in April, the team announced a new, three-year deal with Coty Schock that will run through the 2027 season. It seems like Martin’s deal has changed due to his current injuries, which opened up the opportunity for Schock to sign a long-term deal.

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