Jim Schlossnagle Explains Texas A&M Aggies Departure: ‘I Don’t Take it Lightly’

Tuesday afternoon, less than a full day after the Aggies came up short in an emotional College World Series against Tennessee, Texas A&M head baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle shocked the college baseball world by signing with the University of Texas to become their new head coach, replacing David Pierce.

Needless to say, many fans were outraged and heartbroken with the decision, and left many wondering why he would do what he did – especially after a fiery response from Schlossnagle seemingly denying any desire to leave Texas A&M. The announcement that he was heading to Austin came just 18 hours later.

Well, during his introductory press conference on Wednesday, Schlossnagle finally explained himself.

“I’m sure the question will come up, why this move and why now? I don’t take that lightly,” Schlossnagle said during his introductory press conference in Austin. “On some hands, this was a very easy decision because of my relationship with Chris (Del Conte, UT’s athletic director), my past history, and my belief in him and his wife Robin. But it was obviously very hard. There’s a lot of decisions in life that you don’t get to choose the timing. You don’t get to meet with your team as you would like. And for that, I am sorry. Although it was super, super hard and emotional to make this decision because of my love for the players at Texas A&M, I just simply could not pass up this opportunity.”

The fact that Schlossnagle reportedly agreed to the deal with UT before the postseason even began just adds salt to the wound in the hearts of A&M fans.

Still, Schlossnagle insists that, no matter how difficult it was, there was no other way to do it.

“Many people on the A&M side will say this wasn’t done the right way,” he said on Wednesday. “I don’t know another way it could have been done.”

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