Lionel Messi’s 5-Month Media Blackout a “Disservice” to Americans? Inter Miami Reporter Says MLS is Harmed Due to Lack of Coverage

Lionel Messi last spoke to the press on August 17, 2023, before his MLS debut with Inter Miami. Notably, Inter Miami won the Leagues Cup after this interview. Then they lost in the US Open Cup and also fell short of qualifying for the MLS playoffs. On all these occasions, Messi snubbed speaking to the media, despite being the Herons’ captain and marquee player. In a recent conversation, Miami Herald’s Inter Miami reporter Michelle Kaufmann revealed, It’s a big void in the coverage of Leo Messi and this team that we don’t ever get his perspective on anything.”

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Per prior reports, David Beckham‘s side risks thwarting MLS guidelines by allowing their captain to remain silent. Kaufman revealed that he is not only not adhering to the league’s guidelines, but was also acting contrary to what other athletes have been doing in the USA.

With embarrassing NBA and NFL comparisons, Lionel Messi faces severe heat for not speaking to American fans


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In her appearance on a now-deleted YouTube video of Inside Inter Miami podcast, Michelle Kaufman detailed how Lionel Messi’s silence has become a headache for the media. “He’s [Messi] playing on this team. I cover this team on a day-to-day basis, and I don’t get to talk to the biggest star on the team. This does not happen in other countries,” said Kaufman.

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She added, “I know that the league, the team, and everyone have to do whatever Messi says, but it’s a disservice to the fans that [they] never get his perspective on how his first season went so far. I think the fans would like to know how he feels his first season in MLS went.” She further pointed out that NFL stars never shy away from speaking to the media, even during the Super Bowl frenzy. The NBA stars, on the other hand, give interviews when the NBA finals are in full momentum. Hence, she expects Lionel Messi to be more approachable in the coming days. Kaufman believes the Argentine is staying silent when teammates like Luis Suarez spoke to the press without any reluctance.


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Despite Suarez’s detailed interview, Messi still maintains a tight lip

“We’ve heard from Luis Suarez on how it is going to be to play with his best friend. We need to hear from Messi. The clock is ticking. I’m waiting for that interview,” Michelle Kaufman asserted. Likewise, recruits to the Miami camp and boss Tata Martino seldom shy away from speaking to journalists. Lionel Messi’s silence is all the more costing them as they have already played four matches in the pre-season tour.


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The club has alarmingly lost three of them and drawn one. Miami’s most recent outing against Al Nassr was disastrous, as the latter thrashed them 6-0. Hence, it is quite obvious that journalists and fans are curious about Lionel Messi’s perspective. What are your thoughts on the World Cup winner constantly snubbing interactions with the media? Tell us in the comments.

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