Months After Bryson DeChambeau Duel, Paige Spiranac Breaks Biggest Misconception About Herself: “I’m Proud of…”

As much as fans want Paige Spiranac to speak about the rumors regarding her and Bryson DeChambeau, the time has not come yet. Rather, the 31-year-old decided to comment on yet another topic of controversy that fans accuse her of.

Spiranac recently dropped a video on her YouTube channel, speaking about her journey as a professional golfer. However, at the very beginning of the video, she found it necessary to mention that most people are not aware of this side of her career. Thus insinuating the misconception she is going to clear up, Paige Spiranac minutely briefed her competitive career so far. If you have your doubts about whether she fared high or not, listen to her.

Paige Spiranac: Competitive career explored


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Spiranac is aware that, behind her back, she has always been mistaken as a golfer with much humble career in professional golf. While dueling Bryson DeChambeau, she did not hesitate to hint at it by addressing DeChambeau as an extremely superior entity while she introduced herself with ample modesty. Keeping the charges in mind, Spiranac said in her video, “There is this misconception that I don’t know what I’m talking about but I have played golf at a very high level.”

Paige Spiranac has played Junior Golf, College Golf and now she is playing as a Pro. She summed up her Junior golf career by notifying how she was ranked number one, in the state of Colorado. Additionally, she was also a top-five recruit in her graduation class back in 2011. Not only that, but Paige Spiranac has also been on the list of top 25 Junior Golfer in the world.

Her remarkable journey as a Junior Golfer earned her a scholarship at the University of Arizona but, Spiranac did not find herself an apt student-athlete there. She soon transferred to San Diego State University on a ‘full-ride scholarship’ to play golf there. She was ultimately entitled to the first and the second position all-conference and has even made it to the Dean’s List.

Spiranac was also involved in the Student Advisory Committee. She has also been the captain in her junior and senior years. Paige Spiranac has earned a conference Championship title, a first in the school history for the women’s golf team. She also revealed, “We also had three individual golfers qualify into regionals, which I think has been done before but not for San Diego State, which was a cool accomplishment for our team. We ended up also going to Regionals as a team which which again was really cool.” However, as a student-athlete, Spiranac has never gone to the nationals.

In her professional career, Spiranac played in 25 events in her first year and earned money in 23 of them. She had also won a small tour, The Cactus Tour, yet she is proud for it was a Pro title nonetheless. Last but not least, she has also made a cut in the European Tour’s Scottish Open before.

However, Spiranac realizes that she has not played in the LPGA Tour which might be the reason for the controversy. So, she gave a fitting reply. She said, I am proud of all of my accomplishments. No I did not make it on to the LPGA Tour. I’m not one of the best golfers in the world, but I am still very proud of everything that I have accomplished and how hard I worked to get there.”

The golfer has received many eyebrow lifts after she confessed her devotion to practicing golf over playing it competitively. And here is why she felt anxious every time someone wrote her score down.


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Why does Paige Spiranac choose practicing golf over competing?

Paige Spiranac has confessed her love for practicing golf several times. She stated how much she enjoys spending hours on the course hitting the golf balls. According to Men’s Journal, she revealed, “I love practicing. There is nothing more that I enjoy than going to the range for hours and just beating golf balls, chipping, putting. I live for that, and I’ve always enjoyed that, and I never really enjoyed competing and playing.”

Paige Spiranac does not know what it feels like to be in the shoes of those who compete. Thus, she has always wanted to explore their mindset. However, she did reveal how she identified one particular switch that descends over players when they are competing on the greens. She said, “Let me into your insight because people truly thrive as soon as there is money on the line or they’re keeping score or it’s some kind of competition. People just have that switch.”


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The 31-year-old female golfer has also addressed one thing that makes her the most anxious about competitive golf. It is the pressure and scorekeeping. She talked about how as a golfer who only likes to practice, she found it hard to cope with the pressure of a competition. She also said how observing others keep her score will put her in a tremendously anxious state. Spiranac thus remarked, “As soon as someone would write my score down, I would get so incredibly anxious and I would tell them not to do that. Now I have other people keep my score [or] I keep my score.” 

Do you think Paige Spiranac will be able to prove her importance in the golf community? Let us know in the comments below whether you think her clarification is going to abate the misconceptions around her.

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