New and improved hero and facet stats!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since our last major site update and we have exciting news to share with you: over the past few months we’ve been hard at work on a series of major improvements to Dotabuff! Today we’re releasing the first major update (improved hero and facet statistics), and you can expect more changes in the coming weeks and months.

So what’s new?

Today we’re releasing an updated and improved hero and facet statistics page featuring more data and new filters:

1. Facet support: Facets are now a first-class citizen of our hero statistics. You can now group by Facet (in addition to Hero), allowing you to compare all play styles against one another. Facets are a game-bending new part of Dota and we want to make sure Dotabuff is helping you make informed decisions at draft time.

2. New statistics: Our new hero stats page now includes a plethora of data points such as damage (broken down by type) and healing metrics, economy details, vision statistics, and more. These stats are designed to give you a complete view of hero performance, helping you make more informed decisions both in and out of the game. We plan on adding more statistics over time, so let us know if we missed anything you really want to see!

3. Advanced custom filters: Tailor your analysis to your needs. With the new and improved filters, you can now sort and view statistics based on:

  • Date Range: Filter by date to see recent changes, or go back to visit the meta from previous patches.
  • Game Mode: You can now easily see hero balance for either All Pick or Turbo mode!
  • Rank Tier: See how heroes perform at different skill levels.
  • Position: Filter stats based on the role the hero plays, from position 1 to 5.

4. Meta tiers and summary view: Get a quick overview of the current meta with the new Meta Snapshot tab. This view highlights the most played heroes, highest win rates, and key trends in hero performance, helping you stay ahead of the curve. It also features a new data point called “Meta Tier” that easily labels heroes based on where they fall in the meta, all the way from an encouraging purple “S” tier for overpowered heroes (like 7.36 Axe) down to a worrisome red “D” tier for poor performers (like 7.36 Tinker).

5. Intuitive and interactive experience: We’ve redesigned the page to be more interactive and user-friendly despite the increased complexity.

More improvements coming soon

Honestly we weren’t expecting to release this quite yet, but when Valve dropped patch 7.36 with hero facets we knew that we had to get this into your hands as quickly as possible. Given the expedited timeline, this release isn’t as polished as we would like. We’re still hard at work improving this feature, not to mention the other updates we have planned. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we gradually make improvements.

Check it out today

Head over to our new enhanced Hero and Facet statistics page and start exploring the wealth of data available at your fingertips. We are confident that this page will become a valuable tool in your journey to reach Immortal! As always, thank you for being a part of the Dotabuff community. We are committed to continually improving the website to provide you with the best possible experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features coming your way!

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