Pocketpair To Reveal new Palworld Pals At Summer Game Fest

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Pocketpair To Reveal new Palworld Pals At Summer Game Fest

Palworld developer Pocketpair has revealed a teaser image for the new pals, alongside many other features coming to the survival shooter slated to be announced during the Summer Game Fest.

The teaser image revealed by pocketpair in a Post on Twitter  features variants of existing pals in the game, Vixen and Katress. Through the tweet that announced Palworld’s presence at the Summer Game Fest, Pocketpair also revealed “new features” and “exciting new things”.

The Summer Game Fest is a 3 day event and will run from June 7 to June 9, and will feature a list of video game developers and titles.

New Palworld Pals Coming Soon

The Summer Game Fest will finally give us a good look and drop information about the new pals, which were teased in the showcase video published by Pocketpair on YouTube two weeks ago.

According to the teaser video, the game is set to feature a new map featuring cherry blossom trees alongside a new PvP Arena, all of which we expect to see in the Summer Game Fest showcase for Palworld.

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Pocketpair To Reveal new Palworld Pals At Summer Game Fest

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