Rhea Ripley Drops Massive Clue Regarding Dominik Mysterio Post-WWE Return

Rhea Ripley finally returned to WWE after several months of hiatus due to her injury after WrestleMania XL. Her arrival on Monday Night Raw 07/08 shook the entire arena and also alarmed Liv Morgan to run backstage as soon as she could. However, Dominik Mysterio was caught in the act, trying to get cozy with Mami’s rival and the female Judgment Day member is not ready to forgive him yet.

A fan created and uploaded a cartoon of Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio striking the iconic tango pose with a rose in Dominik Mysterio‘s mouth. This post was uploaded a couple of days ago, a few hours before Mami arrived in WWE. But she saw it after her return, witnessing Dirty Dom potentially cheating on her. So, she reposted the art on her story but put a particular emoji over Mysterio’s head. This may hint at what awaits Daddy Dom.

Could it be over for their relationship? Or will Dominik get another chance?

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