Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Incurs NASCAR-Record Fine After Fight With Kyle Busch

Things got heated at NASCAR’s All-Star race at the North Wilkesboro Speedway in North Carolina over the weekend, as a physical altercation broke out between Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch.

On Wednesday, Stenhouse Jr. was hit with a staggering $75,000 fine, which is the largest fine for fighting in NASCAR history. Additionally, his father, Ricky Stenhouse Sr., received an indefinite suspension for his involvement in the melee.

The incident occurred after the All-Star race and was prompted by a moment during the second lap, when Busch ended Stenhouse’s race early after making contact along the wall. That came after Stenhouse bumped Busch on the race’s opening lap.

After exiting the race, Stenhouse parked his damaged car in Busch’s pit stop and got into a verbal spat with members of Busch’s team. He then stormed off only to return after the conclusion of the All-Star race to confront Busch.

The pair began to argue when Stenhouse threw a punch at Busch, inspiring a skirmish between the feuding teams. Stenhouse’s father could then be seen getting involved and going after Busch.

This is the angle.
My Lord.

– Stenhouse’s old man DEFINITELY wanted to smash Kyle Busch’s face.

– I can’t get over Busch’s big hoss pit crew guy just eliminating everyone he sees, literally throwing them through the air.

— Colin Dunlap (@colin_dunlap) May 20, 2024

In total, five suspensions were handed out, including the indefinite suspension to Stenhouse Sr., as well as Stenhouse crew members Clint Myrick (eight races) and Keith Matthews (four races).

Meanwhile, Busch did not receive any discipline from NASCAR for his involvement, indicating the racing company felt Stenhouse was largely responsible for the events that occurred.

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