Rookie of the Year Caitlin Clark, Etching History, Gets Special Shoutout from Gymnastics Veteran Kathy Johnson Clarke: ‘Loved Every Minute!’

It’s understandable if Caitlin Clark is running high on Cloud 9 right now, despite missing out on the chance to represent her nation at the Paris Olympics this year. Only a few hours ago, Clark made history by becoming the first rookie in WNBA to achieve the elusive triple-double. For justifiable reasons, the Indiana Fevers are ecstatic about their new teammate, and so are other iconic figures of the country.

1984 LA Olympics medalist Kathy Johnson Clarke couldn’t keep calm as she witnessed Clark adding yet another staggering feat to her long list of accolades and took to social media to express her joy from last night’s game between the Fever and the New York Liberty. “Such an exciting, fast-paced game! The crowd was electric! Loved every minute!” wrote Kathy in her post on X as she shared the original post by the Indiana team, expressing its joy for Caitlin.

With 19 points scored, 12 rebounds, and 13 assists, Clark enthralled the crowd and her fans with her performance at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse arena.

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