Sebastian Vettel Delivers 6-Word Statement on Le Mans Entry Hours After Billionaire Penske’s Test

With 53 Grand Prix victories and 4 world championships under his belt, Formula 1 legend, Sebastian Vettel is gearing up for an exciting new challenge with Porsche Penske Motorsport. The German driver will be testing the Porsche 963 hypercar at Motorland Aragon. This test marks Vettel’s first venture into hypercar prototypes, offering him a fresh motorsport experience outside the world of Formula 1. However, despite his enthusiasm for the upcoming 36-hour test, Vettel has made it clear that he doesn’t have any specific plans regarding the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans race after finishing the test.

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Vettel’s transition to endurance racing has been in the works for a while now. He’s visited Porsche’s headquarters, undergone seat fittings, and spent time in their simulator. Additionally, he’s already had some track time at Porsche’s testing circuit in Weissach, Germany. At the age of 36, Vettel expressed his eagerness to try out the Porsche 963. “I have always followed other categories and have been curious about endurance tests. This has led me to look for an opportunity. I feel excited about this test in Aragon and I can’t wait to be behind the wheel,” quoted Sebastian Vettel.


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Despite his enthusiasm, Vettel remains cautious. He acknowledges the need to adapt to a different discipline but appreciates the support he’s receiving from the team. “I will have to adapt and get used to a new discipline, but everyone in the team is helping me in a very open way.”

While Vettel had discussions with Porsche customer team Jota last year about potentially driving one of their 963 prototypes in the FIA World Endurance Championship, he clarified that he currently has no concrete plans beyond the upcoming test. He emphasized, “It will be a new experience and we will see what will happen in the future, but right now there is nothing else planned for the future.

🗣️”Siempre he seguido otras categorías y mi curiosidad por la Resistencia me ha llevado a intentarlo. Estoy entusiasmado por el test largo en Aragón y tengo ganas de ponerme al volante”.

🗣️”Tendré que adaptarme y acostumbrarme, pero todo el equipo es muy abierto y me están…

— (@SoyMotor) March 22, 2024

While he may have suggested not having a plan to return to racing anytime soon, Vettel has also not said no to a potential return to Formula 1.

Sebastian Vettel is not fully closed off to an F1 return

While there has been plenty of speculation about Vettel’s comeback, he recently clarified that he’s not planning an immediate return to Formula 1. However, he left the door open for a possible comeback down the road, emphasizing that nothing is set in stone. Vettel disclosed that he exchanged text messages with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff following Lewis Hamilton’s announcement of joining Ferrari for the 2025 season. Despite this communication, Vettel made it clear that he’s not actively pursuing a return with Mercedes at the moment.


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When asked if his response implied a definitive “no” to a Formula 1 return, Vettel explained, “No. I also said back then that there wouldn’t be a clear no in that sense, because I believe that everything is a process. And maybe there will come a point when I say, ‘Yes, I would like to go back’. When I get it sorted mentally so that it suddenly makes sense again.”


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Whether or not Vettel will return to Formula 1 racing is something we’ll just have to wait to figure out. Do you want him to replace Lewis Hamilton though? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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