Sherco has revealed its 2025 off-road models with design changes across the board. The company continues to devote equal attention to both two-stroke and four-strokes with a total of seven different motors. For 2025 they all got new frames and bodywork as well as a multitude of detail upgrades. Here’s the scoop;

2025 Sherco 500SEF Factory
  • New frame; weight reduction of 250g, forged shock absorber arch, new steering lock on the column axis, new engine cradle geometry
  • New lower chain guide for reduced noise and weight, new steering column.
  • New bodywork featuring new in-mold graphics
  • New frame protectors with anti slip feature
  • New rear tail light bracket providing better grip for lifting
  • New LED taillight.
  • New aluminum rear loop; weight reduction of 254g
  • New lighter engine mounting bolts
  • New front and rear brake discs; improving braking power
  • Repositioned instrument cluster for improved visibility, damping of the instrument cluster on two axis
  • Improvement of the wiring layout behind the headlight
  • Larger handguards
  • New fork protectors with improved protection
  • New engine skid plate with improved accessibility
  • New kickstand
  • New radiators; 157g lighter, 15% more cooling capacity
  • New radiator grilles with improved rigidity and airflow
  • Silicone hoses
  • More compact coolant expansion tank
  • More compact fan; lighter, easier to remove
  • New side-access airbox; improved engine efficiency
  • New wiring harness; 210g lighter, easier access to components
  • New anti-vibration fuel-tank mount
  • Lighter linkage bolts
  • Accessibility and disassembly of the muffler simplified
2025 Sherco 450SEF Factory
  • ALL FOUR-STROKES: New Akrapovic full exhaust system
  • ALL FOUR-STROKES: New mapping
  • ALL FOUR-STROKES: New, more compact fuel pump
  • ALL TWO-STROKES: Modification of the fuel tap position for easier access
  • 250/300 TWO-STROKE ONLY: New exhaust pipe allowing an increase in ground clearance
  • 250 TWO-STROKE ONLY: New gearbox manufactured in Nîmes (France) and tested in competition: Modification of gears 3 to 5
  • 450/500 FOUR-STROKES ONLY: Integration of a tilt sensor that cuts off the engine in case of a fall
  • 250/300 FOUR-STROKES ONLY: Lightened and reinforced camshaft bearing cap to allow higher revs; Increase of the rev limiter from 13,700 to 14,000 RPM
  • 450/500 FOUR-STROKES ONLY: Integration of lightweight wheels/arms like the rest of the range.
    Front wheel: -650 grams
    Rear wheel: -310 grams
    Swingarm: -360 grams
2025 Sherco 300SEF Factory
2025 Sherco 300SE Factory (two-stroke)
2025 Sherco 250SEF Factory
2025 Sherco 250SE Factory (two-stroke)
2025 Sherco 125SE Factory (two-stroke)

The models here are all the premium “Factory” configuration, which is the primary focus of the U.S. importer. They feature closed cartridge KYB forks and premium exhaust systems.  Pricing information is coming soon, and stay tuned for riding impressions of all the 20205 Sherco models, direct from France.

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