Teamfight Tactics 5 Year Bash Celebrates the Past and Looks to the Future!

Teamfight Tactics 5 Year Bash is here, and that means, somehow, TFT is 5 years old already… which is a scary thought.

To celebrate TFT turning 5 on June 26th, Riot Games is launching an in-game event and community celebration starting on June 12th. Teamfight Tactics: 5 Year Bash special anniversary content and rewards for new players and veterans alike.

Teamfight Tactics 5 Year Bash

So, what is coming with the event?

  • Birthday-Themed Cosmetics: Pengu, the beloved mascot of TFT, will sport a new look in the updated called the Anniversary Pengu Little Legend that can be obtained through the free player rewards during the event (shown below).

  • New Game Mode: In Pengu’s Party, players will be able to bolster a roster with traits from the past 10 sets that represent all 5 years of TFT history! Each Set will be represented by two traits completely unique to that Set, which is sure to result in some of TFT’s most chaotic and unexpected strategies & gameplay moments to date. The Carousel is also getting updated with some party flair to amp up the celebration. 

TFT Emote AllSkill

  • Player Rewards: During Teamfight Tactics: 5 Year Bash, players can claim rewards through log-ins and an Event Pass at no cost. Rewards include Treasure Tokens, a special Pengu skin, and emotes. By logging in 10 days total during the event, players can earn Treasure Tokens and the I Celebrate Emote. Players can earn the All Skill Emote on the free Event Pass which, when equipped in the loadout, grants a special Tactician Trail effect throughout the duration of the event

Teamfight Tactics 5 Year Bash

Pengu’s Party Mode

Pengu is getting the love they deserve, with a unique Party Mode. You and 7 other players will face off with traits from past sets to celebrate the last 5 years of TFT. The carousel is also getting extra fun stuff for the event.

More information will be revealed closer to the event, so keep an eye on ESTNN for more TFT news and events as we get closer to the 5th-anniversary event.

Teamfight Tactics 5 Year Bash Celebrates the Past and Looks to the Future!

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