The NFL pranked its rookies, and no one knew what was coming

The NFL isn’t exactly known as being a league that’s big on having fun, but recent events have changed that. On Tuesday night the league released a video of rookies around the league, all of whom were told they were being filmed for entirely different reasons.

  • Xavier Legette of the Panthers was told he was filming a video about his skin care regimen
  • Caleb Williams of the Bears thought he was filming an “outfit of the day” video
  • Ladd McConkey of the Chargers believed he was doing the “breathe out and yell challenge”
  • J.J. McCarthy of the Vikings thought he was being asked to sing Happy Birthday to an NFL employee
  • Ricky Pearsall of the Niners was convinced he was asked about his hair care routine
  • Ja’Tavion Sanders of the Panthers thought he was competing in a dinosaur noise competition

These were all hilarious, but let’s be real: Nothing tops Xavier Legette and it’s not even close. Our perfect, pure, country angel baby was quick to extol the virtues of Cetaphil face wash, and Cetaphil lotion — and that pause before throwing in the “as well” is one of the funniest moments we’ve seen in a long time.

It’s only a matter of time before the Panthers’ rookie gets that endorsement deal from Cetaphil, and it will be so worth it. To be honest, I just want Xavier Legette to do every single ad for every product in America. I want him telling me about a new show airing on FX. I want him to sell me on why I should eat Captain Crunch for breakfast. Heck, I want him reading the entire list of side effects for a drug that treats Chronic Plaque Psoriasis. I would watch anything this man puts into the world.

Kudos to the NFL for putting out something that’s actually fun and doesn’t make the league take itself too seriously.

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