The Wanderer Fortnite Explained – Who is the Fortnite Ghost?

Who is the Wanderer Fortnite Ghost? A recent update has added a mysterious new character, this is how he works and how to track him down.

Fortnite is grinding towards its summer break right now. That’s when Epic leaves the game with scheduled updates and takes a well-deserved week off. They always leave us with a few distractions in the meantime though. Booting the game up today, you’ll find a new Fortnite ghost is one of those things.

Weirdly, Epic’s latest update has added the Wanderer Fortnite NPC. This ghost in Fortnite is a strange site on the map. He’s an important figure in this season’s lore if you try to keep up with that in Fortnite. More importantly, he could throw you off your game if you’re particularly easily spooked.

Seeing an NPC that only appears at a distance might lead you on a wild goose chase for players all game. Not great if you’re trying to win this round of Fortnite. If you want to track down the Wanderer Fortnite NPC, this is how he works.

Who is the Wanderer in Fortnite?

The Wanderer is the Fortnite Ghost players might have spotted around the map. He’s a ghost character who is looming on the island at the moment.

Physically, he resembles the taller Fortnite NPC models. With a grey cloak obscuring his face and body. He’s a little hard to get a good look at, which is by design.

He’s constantly surrounded by light grey smoke. This blocks off quite a bit of vision to the character. Not the easiest to make out a face or much detail about the character.

Its relation to the World of Fortnite has gotten filled in a bit by Megalo Don. He’s the current boss and one of the C5 S3 Battle Pass characters. By the looks of it, he’s the more important character for the game’s storyline too.

Megalo Don has had a bit of dialogue teasing out some details about the Fortnite Ghost. He’s said that his hood is deliberating hiding something, as what’s underneath is a “sight that insignificant minds would not be able to bear”.

He’s already shown up in a loading screen and spray. However, even in the spray he’s deliberately obscured. We’re basically just seeing his cloak. Clearly Epic wants to keep a bit of a mystery about the Wanderer in Fortnite, we won’t see him in full until it’s ready.

The Wanderer Fortnite - Spray

It sets up a lot of mystery about just who is under the hood of the Wanderer in Fortnite. While we can’t get close, he is spottable in the current Fortnite map if you know where to look.

The Wanderer Fortnite In-Game Model

So his appearance is very mysterious, surely an in-game model means he’s visible. Players have already broken down the files, but no luck.

Even in-game model viewers don’t reveal the full picture. To spot anyone cheating and getting an early look, the character only shows up as a cloak in the files right now.

The Wanderer Fortnite - In-Game Model

That’s all we get to see of the Wanderer. Even those peaking early into the game’s content won’t get a clear look at the Wanderer until Epic moves his story to the next stage.

Where Can You Find the Ghost in Fortnite?

The Wanderer Fortnite NPC has been enabled in-game starting from Tuesday 25 June! Just before the summer break starts, this fresh NPC will be wandering around the map.

He’s been a bit of a mystery at first, but data miners have gone in and revealed all about this mysterious figure. No need to try and spot him at random, we’ve got a good look at how he works in the game’s code instead.

The Twitter leaker, FNBRNewsJP on Twitter, has determined his spawn locations. Checking into the match you have a chance of finding him in these locations.

  • North of Brutal Beachead, South-West of Nitrodrone
  • Gas Station South West of Mount Olympus, in the Desert biome.
  • Train Tracks South of Drained Lake
  • Gas Stations North of Drained Lake
  • HQ in Train Station, South of Lavish Lair
  • Mountain in the North East of Map

However, you can’t just show up full of hope, expecting to see him in every game. The Wanderer Fortnite NPC has some particularly annoying rules about how he can be seen. Get too close to him and he essentially de-spawns.

The best look you can get at the ghost in Fortnite is by looking at him from a vantage point. You’ll have to keep a safe distance and scout him out.

Even if you head over to these spots each game, you might not catch him. He seems to be only spawning in one of these locations each game. However, you might get lucky and spot the ghost if you’re playing enough rounds.

The Wanderer Fortnite - Loading Screen

Why is There a Fortnite Ghost on the Map?

The Fortnite ghost is a bit tricky to spot and a kind of weird easter egg. Why has he been included at all? It seems slightly tied to the game’s lore.

The Wanderer appears linked in some way to whatever is happening with Megalo Don and the other Boss characters. In Chapter 5 so far, these plotlines have resulted in live events towards the end of the season.

It’ll likely the Wanderer Fortnite ghost is the start of something that’ll take us through the rest of Chapter 5 Season 3. A tease of what’s to come with the rest of the summer.

Before we get into any season-ending lore details though, we’ve got the Pirates of the Caribbean event coming soon. Plus, the event to take us through the Summer break for Epic too

Hopefully, whatever the Wanderer Fortnite character is building up to is worth the wait. We’ll probably get a better look at them once the season progresses a little closer to its end date in August.

The Wanderer Fortnite Explained – Who is the Fortnite Ghost?

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