The World’s Toughest Enduro Race: Erzberg Rodeo Tips and Tricks

Today, we have found a fun video sharing tips and tricks about the Erzberg Rodeo, known as the world’s toughest Enduro race, held on Erzberg Mountain in the heart of Austria. We are talking about the experiences of a racer who sweated it out in this extreme race and placed 174th out of 2000 competitors.

Pre-Race Preparations

First and foremost, prepare your motorcycle as if you’re competing in two races. The prologue of Erzberg Rodeo is a completely different discipline from Enduro. Every time you release the throttle, you lose valuable time, and yes, you guessed it, speed is king here! Therefore, it is crucial to practice riding at high speeds, braking, and cornering. A lot!

Camping Preparations

In the Erzberg race, where most racers camp in their vehicles or tents, the weather conditions can change frequently. One minute you’re sunbathing, and the next minute you find yourself in a snowstorm. So, don’t forget to bring both summer and winter clothes. Be prepared for strong winds and stock up on quality food supplies. Good food is essential to avoid going hungry!

Main Race Tips

You need to be at your peak physical and mental condition for the main race. Be careful at the start of the race and be willing to take risks. Contact with other racers and falls are inevitable, but being brave and unafraid is crucial. Remember, brave hearts always win!

During the race, it is important to use tear-off systems for your goggles. This allows you to quickly clear your vision. Also, remember that the motorcycle setup for the main race should be the opposite of the prologue: a slower motorcycle, softer suspension, and softer tires are preferred. Because you don’t want to slide on the slippery terrain of Erzberg Rodeo!


In this video, you will find tons of valuable information and suggestions for those considering participating in the Erzberg Rodeo. Preparation and determination are the keys to successfully completing this tough race. Keep following Enduro Channel for more content and tips, and don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us!

Audiences, Get Ready Too!

It’s not just the riders; spectators need to be prepared for the Erzberg Rodeo too! In our next update, we’ll share what spectators should keep in mind when heading to watch the race. Get ready to share the excitement!

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