Update on Tyler Mickelson After Hangtown Collision

Update on Tyler Mickelson After Hangtown Collision

During the first qualifying session of the day at the Hangtown Motocross Classic, BarX Suzuki’s Tyler Mickelson was walking along the track and got hit when Matti Jorgensen accidentally jumped off track and into the water truck lane. “Otter” as he is known around the paddock by many, suffered two broken legs in the incident and will not be able to work for the immediate future.

Gerrit Stillmock (@underground_moto_424 on Instagram) set up a GoFundMe page for Mickelson, who has undergone surgery but remains in the hospital at the moment.

View the Tyker Mickelson GoFundMe.

Jorgensen was uninjured in the incident and went on to finish 28-28 in the 250 Class motos for 30th overall.

Get well soon from the entire Racer X staff, Otter!

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