WoW War Within Pre-Patch Release Date

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WoW War Within Pre-Patch Release Date

The War Within Pre-Patch will drop at some point before the end of July, and thankfully, those on the Beta have already had a chance to test it out.

With the release of War Within approaching a terminal velocity, it’s time to look ahead to the Pre-Patch. The event will go live at some point in July, and will be a limited-time event open for roughly a month.

War Within Pre-Patch Release Date

As we mentioned at the start of the story, while an official drop date isn’t confirmed, we do know that we will get it before the end of July. This will give us at least four weeks to play the pre-patch. The beta is now open to anyone who has purchased the Epic Edition we suspect the pre-patch will come when Blizzard feel the majority of folks have got their fill of the Beta.

If we had to predict any sort of date, we’d probably say around July 16th. That would give the pre-patch enough time to be tested on the Beta, but also time to get everyone back and on the WoW hype. Also, if we’re being cynical, it dropping more than 30 days before War Within releases also gives Blizzard and extra month of sub money.

War Within Pre-Patch – What’s Changing

So, obviously, on the Beta, we have access to everything that the full release would have. So, let’s take a look at what’s likely coming in the Pre-Patch

  • New Hero Talent System
  • Warbands
  • New Spellbook changes with search and filter
  • Earthen Allied Race
  • UI Changes
  • QOL Changes

Some of the clear standouts are the obvious Hero Talent changes. Now, we won’t actually get to use them as we learn them as we level. But, we will get to see them in our talent book so, that’s nice. Warbands are next, adding some nice flavor to the login screen. For anyone who has used the Addon Alterholic in the past, Warbands is like that, but if the system was fully integrated into WoW. In effect, it turns your bank, gold, and gear into one massive shared resource between all your characters.

We’ll also see a bunch of QOL and UI changes, the most notable of these will be the new Spellbook changes. Not only does it now look much nicer, but it also has the ability to search and filter out talents.

We’ll update this post closer to the time, and when we get more official information.

WoW War Within Pre-Patch Release Date

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