Zenless Zone Zero Voice Actors and Characters

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Zenless Zone Zero Voice Actors and Characters

This article lists all the Zenless Zone Zero Voice Actors and characters.

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming HoyoVerse urban-themed fantasy RPG with gacha elements. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic urban-themed city, and will feature multiple factions with dozens of interesting characters.

While Zenless Zone Zero boasts a large roster of characters, the game has two MCs or Main Characters who are siblings and play an integral role in the game’s story. The male protagonist is named Wise and the female MC, Wise’s sister, is called Belle. The game features a diverse lists of playable characters AKA ‘Agents’ who continue to fight against the oppressive force called ‘The Hollows.”

This article lists all the Japanese and Chinese Zenless Zone Zero Voice Actors for the characters in the game.

All Zenless Zone Zero Voice Actors


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Wise is one of the playable main characters in the game, also the co-owner of the Random Play video store. Wise is voiced by renowned Japanese voice actor Senbongi Sayaka, while Lín Jing is the VA for the Chinese dub. Upon launching Zenless Zone Zero, the player gets the option to play as Wise, or as his sister Belle, making Wise the main character or MC in the game. HoYoverse is yet to reveal the English and Korean voice actors for the game’s main protagonist.


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Belle is one of the two main protagonists in the game, and is the co-owner of the Random Play video store in New Eridu. Upon launching the game, fans get to choose between Belle or her sibling Wise as they assume the role of a ‘Proxy’.

The other option becomes the assistant, and ‘Proxies’ in the game guide other agents in their fight against the ‘Hollows’, a mysterious force known to ravage the world of Zenless Zone Zero.

Belle is voiced by female Japanese voice actor, while Yīkǒu Jǐng voices the Chinese dub of the character in the HoYoverse RPG.

Zenless Zone Zero Japanese Voice Actors

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Zenless Zone Zero Chinese voice actors

The game also features a Chinese dub, and all the Chinese Voice Actors for Zenless Zone Zero characters are listed in the table below:

While only a few voice actors for the English VO have been revealed at the time of writing, we expect HoyoVerse to release the complete list of English voice actors upon the game’s full release. We will update this article with this complete list of English and Korean Voice actors upon receiving information from HoYoverse.

Zenless Zone Zero recorded over 40 million pre-registers during it’s pre-registration period as the game is slated to release across all platforms on July 4, 2024. The urban-themed fantasy action RPG will be available to play on Android, iOS, PC and the PlayStation 5.

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