3 underrated shows on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in February

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It’s the month of the groundhog, Valentine’s Day, and a time when you feel, justifiably or not, that winter is nearing its end and spring is almost here. It’s also the time to check out great new shows while you cozy up at home and hibernate until the flowers bloom.

If you’re looking for good options, Amazon Prime Video has you covered. Along with all the best shows on Amazon Prime Video, there are also underrated shows you need to watch in February that don’t get the same hype (or that you might not even realize are available to stream there). These shows were all released over the last decade, and one requires an add-on subscription to watch beyond the pilot episode.

Kevin Can F**k Himself (2021)

Hot off the heels of her Emmy-winning role as the likable character Alexis on Schitt’s Creek, Annie Murphy went much darker in Kevin Can F**k Himself. Allison (Murphy) is desperate to get out of her marriage to a man-child who thinks of no one but himself and does nothing but act immaturely and treat Allison like a servant. When the idea presents itself, Allison does the unthinkable: plots to kill him so she can start over.

A unique approach, the dark comedy delivers each episode in two styles. First, it’s a traditional sitcom with bright colors and laugh tracks whenever Allison interacts with her goofy husband, Kevin (Eric Petersen), and his best friend and father. But then it shifts to a single-camera drama with dark lighting and ominous undertones when she’s alone with her own thoughts and plotting her schemes. Kevin Can F**k Himself will make you both laugh and cry. It’s an exaggerated allegory of a woman dying to be heard and appreciated, and the show is like nothing else you will have ever seen on television. Note that you can watch the first episode with Amazon Prime, but need to sign up for the AMC+ add-on channel to continue watching, though there is a free trial period.

Stream Kevin Can F**k Himself on Prime Video.

Bang Bang Baby (2022)


Desperate to earn her father’s love, Alice (Ariana Becheroni), just a teenager, joins the Calabrian mob, making her the youngest member. Set in 1980s Milan, Bang Bang Baby is described by producer Lorenzo Mieli (The Young Pope, My Brilliant Friend) as a “family melodrama steeped in crime.” What’s interesting about this show is that while it’s a fictional story, it loosely draws inspiration from a documentary that Mieli produced about the real-life daughter of a crime boss, Marisa Merico. She was unaware of her father’s true occupation when she joined him in Milan.

The ties to a real story make Bang Bang Baby even more compelling to watch. While Alice also doesn’t initially know what her father is capable of, once she learns and she’s guilted into joining for love, her actions speak volumes about what a child might do to earn their parent’s affection. Will Alice go to devastating lengths to do what her father asks, or betray him? This is one of the deep questions in the series. Fans love the dark humor interspersed with the coming-of-age story about a young woman trying to find her way in an unconventionally dark and dreary world.

Stream Bang Bang Baby on Prime Video.

Glue (2014)

GLUE – Own it on Digital HD & DVD

If you loved Callum Turner in The Capture and, most recently, Masters of the Air, check him out in Glue, a British TV drama about murder and dark secrets. Set in what appears to be the picturesque English countryside, 14-year-old Cal (Tommy Knight) suddenly winds up dead, shaking the residents, including his young friends, to their core.

Now begins the investigation into finding who killed him, and the secrets that are unearthed reveal a lot more about the people who live there than anyone imagined. A traditional whodunnit that sheds light on the realities behind a façade of perfection, Glue is as much a coming-of-age tale as it is a murder mystery.

Stream Glue on Prime Video.

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