Base Dawgz – The Next 100x Gem on Base as Brett Flies Past $1.9B Market Cap

Base Dawgz – The Next 100x Gem on Base as Brett Flies Past $1.9B Market Cap

Base rivals Solana as the go-to network for degen investors: the 24-hour trading volume of Base meme coins surged by 27.3%. Brett ($BRETT) leads the charge with a 99% weekly increase and a nearly $2M market cap. 

Meanwhile, the Base Dawgz presale is rapidly gaining traction, surpassing the $435K threshold. Three days remain until the next price increase, so time is running out for investors wanting an early bird discount. 

Base Meme Coins Reach a $2.6B Market Cap 

After Coinbase launched its proprietary Layer-2 chain Base in 2023, its adoption among meme enthusiasts was explosive. The total market cap of meme coins on the network surpassed $2.6B, and the 24-hour trading volume is $305M. 

Base locked value (TVL) reached $1.7B, placing it seventh among all blockchains, ahead of Bitcoin, Polygon, and Avalanche. Furthermore, Base’s total 24-hour trading volume exceeds Arbuitrum’s and closely follows BNB Chain. 

Blockchains by Total Locked Value (TVL)

$BRETT is the top Base meme coin, followed by Degen ($DEGEN) with a $36M market cap and a 10% weekly price increase. 

Toshi ($TOSHI) also experienced significant growth last week, up 46.3%. Basenji ($BENJI) grew by an astonishing 251%, Base God ($TYBG) by 95.5%, and DogInMe ($DOGINME) by 53.7%. 

Brett price trend

Coinbase’s backing, low gas fees, and high scalability are the key reasons new meme projects choose Base over other networks. Moreover, Base integrates with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for smart contract execution, opening doors to cross-chain communication

Is Base Dawgz the Next 100x Token?

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is the newest Base meme token with a base-jumping Shiba Inu mascot. 

Minted on Base, $DAWGZ also runs on Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, and BNB Chain, allowing for wider adoption and smoother performance due to the distributed workload.

 Furthermore, given its EVM interoperability, $DAWGZ can be integrated into dApps on any of the five networks. This flexibility future-proofs the project, ensuring it doesn’t rely solely on hype and speculation. 

The project launched right after Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE), another multichain doge-themed meme coin, raised $15M on presale. 

Currently, $DAWGZ is available on presale at $0.00479 per token, and over $435K has been raised to date. The price is set to increase by 5% every seven days, so early investors have three days left to grab the best deal.

The $DAWGZ presale fuels community interest through dynamic staking APY on Ethereum and referral rewards. After the presale ends, Base Dawgz plans to reward users with token airdrops for sharing $DAWGZ content on X. 

According to the project’s whitepaper, we should expect to see $DAWGZ on major DEXs and CEXs by the end of 2024.

Analysts predict the token will surge 100x post-listing, repeating Brett’s success. By 2025, $DAWGZ could reach $0.1, translating into a 1,980% gain for early supporters. However, only time will tell if these predictions are correct. Meanwhile, you can follow the Base Dawgz X channel for announcements. 

To buy $DAWGZ, visit the official presale website, connect your wallet using the widget, select your preferred network, enter the number of tokens you want to buy, and confirm the transaction. 

Final Words 

Base Dawgz appeals to a broad investor base, from Doge loyalists to risk-averse traders seeking utility even in meme coins. $DAWGZ’s multichain architecture positions it for explosive growth similar to $BRETT’s and now is the best time to buy it at a below-listing price. 

As always, we remind you to DYOR before investing. The crypto market is volatile, so no returns are guaranteed. 

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