Dogecoin 20 Presale Nears $10M Hardcap with $9M Raised, May End Today?

Dogecoin 20 hits $9 million milestone in presale

Dogecoin20, a new Shiba Inu-themed ERC-20 meme coin, has gained a lot of traction recently. Raising over $3 million days after entering presale, Dogecoin20 now nears a $10 million hard cap, with the $9 million milestone surpassed today. When it reaches the hard cap, Dogecoin20 will launch on Uniswap DEX, followed by other Tier 1 exchange listings.

Visit the official presale website for the latest info on the project.

This is not investment advice. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, with meme coin prices being particularly susceptible to hype and FOMO. It’s important you do your own research before buying any cryptocurrency.

Why Are People Investing in Dogecoin20?

Dogecoin20’s surging popularity relies more on utility (staking and HODLing) than social media hype and speculation, as is usual with most meme coins.

Early investors can stake their DOGE20 immediately to earn up to 170% APY. The high APY serves as an incentive for holders to HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) once the presale ends, maintaining the token’s long-term value.

However, you can only stake DOGE20 bought using ETH or ERC-20 USDT. You’ll only be able to stake tokens bought with BTC or BEP-20 USDT after the presale ends.

DOGE20’s smart contract will distribute staking rewards over a period of two years.

What’s more, Dogecoin 20 is greener than the original Dogecoin because it uses Ethereum’s Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and doesn’t require the Proof of Work mining setup.

Because it’s an ERC-20 token, DOGE20 supports faster transactions with lower fees and is compatible with every major hot wallet, including Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask.

DOGE20 also has a security audit by Coinsult, further cementing the project’s reputation and trustworthiness in the community.

Dogecoin20 Price Right Now

Currently, DOGE20 is available at $0.000209, 49.3% above its starting price of $0.000140. Two days remain until the next price increase, but the $9 million already raised suggests this may be the last opportunity to purchase DOGE20 until it goes live on DEXs.

Visit the official presale website for up-to-date staking information.

Dogecoin20 presale price

Dogecoin20 Tokenomics

Despite the total supply of 140 billion tokens, only 25% (35 billion) are available during the still ongoing presale due to Dogecoin20’s focus on sustainability. This is enough to give the project a solid launch without sacrificing its future performance.

Another 25% goes toward marketing to promote the project, helping attract new investors both during the presale phase and beyond. Dogecoin20 recognizes the need for a strong community to support the development of meme coin projects.

Dogecoin 20 meme coin tokenomics

As Dogecoin20’s utility lies in staking and long-term HODLing, its tokenomics fully reflect that:

  • 25% of tokens for long-term development (35 billion tokens)
  • 15% for staking rewards (21 billion tokens)
  • 10% for liquidity on exchanges (14 billion tokens)

This shows the project’s long-term vision and intention to create a reliable source of passive income for investors. With so much reserved for liquidity, trading won’t be an issue, ensuring flexibility for token holders.

If you want to buy Dogecoin20, there might not be a better time to do so than before its launch.

Is Dogecoin20 the Next Dogecoin?

While no one knows for sure whether DOGE20 will follow in DOGE’s footsteps, it’s safe to assume the project shows potential for significant growth this year.

With thousands of followers across X and Telegram and millions raised during the presale, Dogecoin20 seems to bear a lot of hope for the community.

However, FOMO is often a critical factor in meme coin success, so it’s important you DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing.

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