Emerge Tools (YC W21) is hiring a senior front end engineer

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About the role

A crucial component of Emerge is our web platform. Developers can do something as simple as view dashboards and


or as complicated as analyzing data visualizations with our




features. In addition to our web platform, we also have pages like our




, and


which are frequently featured on the front page of Hacker News, but admittedly need some TLC.

Our whole team likes to contribute to the frontend, but none of us are experts.

We’re looking for someone to lead Emerge’s frontend development and design.

An ideal candidate

  • Thrives in a fast-moving, self-starter environment (we strive for a culture similar to Gitlab, but adapted for a small team)
  • A strong eye for design with the ability to balance practicality, functionality, & aesthetics (Figma experience is a plus)
  • Extensive experience with Next.js, React, Tailwind, and Typescript

About us

Emerge is a suite of developer tools designed to supercharge mobile apps and the teams that build them. Emerge was founded in December 2020 by Noah Martin

and Josh Cohenzadeh

after realizing many mobile companies were each building custom solutions to solve the same problems.


Our team

Our team is small (just 6), technically experienced, and tight-knit. We’re fully remote spanning from San Diego, Seattle, Boston, Uruguay and New York. We still love to spend time in person together, so we try to have a company retreat in cool places a few times a year.

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