Every Cool Thing Announced for Star Wars Day 2024: From Funko to Limited-Edition Loungefly

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Every May the Fourth brings new Star Wars merch and trust me, these are the products you’re looking for.

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A Star Wars Funko Pop and a Loungefly bag on a rainbow background

Today, May the 4th, is Star Wars Day. Its significance has grown over the last few years from a day to celebrate our favorite movies to a day when new products and projects from the Star Wars team (and other brands) are announced. This is especially exciting for me, as May 4 is also my birthday, so I get to see what I’ll be buying for the next few months.

Whether it’s the latest Loungefly bags, crazy Funko pops or cool new glasses, you’ll find everything that’s been announced this Star Wars Day right here. There’s even a new hot sauce from Truff that you might like and savings all across the galaxy. If none of these new products stir the Force within you, have a look at over 60 of the best Star Wars gifts available on the web.



BoxLunch has been making excellent Star Wars gear for a while now, and its goodies could serve you well this Star Wars Day. From awesome bomber jackets to floral Rebellion summer dresses, BoxLunch has something for anyone to wear to let their Star Wars spirit shine. The retailer is also offering a 25% discount in honor of Star Wars Day, with code BLGIFTS.



My family and I love collecting Loungefly bags, so it’s always a good day when new ones drop out of hyperspace into our laps. I’m somewhat taken with this beautiful clutch purse that shows the rebel logo nestled in a floral motif. It’s something we rarely see. There are also more traditional Loungefly bags that celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Phantom Menace and show some of the coolest scenes from Episode One. Now is a great time to pick up a new Star Wars Loungefly bag, as the brand is offering 25% off Star Wars styles for May The Fourth.

Toys and games


This utterly stunning replica of the Darth Maul lightsaber is limited to 7,000 copies but it looks incredibly detailed. This dual-bladed lightsaber was the first to look different in the Star Wars canon and wowed us 25 years ago when we first saw it. $400 is a big chunk of change to drop for a lightsaber, but if you are a big Darth Maul fan it might be worth it to you.


Funko already has a huge collection of Star Wars pops but we all know it can never have too many. These new designs come in two flavors; standard pops and these cool retro-style pops that look like they’re pulled from a comic book. It’s not just these two either. Funko has Padme, JarJar and lil’ Anakin too. In honor of Star Wars Day, you can get one Funko Stars Wars pop free when you buy two from the official Funko website.

Home products


Yes, $574 is a lot of money to have a giant light-up Grogu face above your gaming table, but I ask you: Is it too much money? That will depend on how much you love this little guy and how much you like Nanoleaf lighting panels. The upside is that if you ever want to change the configuration, the 53 LED panels of varying sizes can be rearranged to make plenty of other cool shapes.

Home Depot

Home Depot has made some amazing giant Halloween figures in the last few years, but I think a 7-foot animated Darth Vader with a pumpkin may be the greatest one yet. Not only does it move, it has breathing sounds and phrases that we know and love. I’m not saying this is the best thing ever, but this is close to the best thing ever. Unfortunately, it sold out quickly this morning, but you can enter your email on Home Depot’s website to be notified if it is restocked.

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