Green Bitcoin Presale Poised to Successfully Sell Out Today

As BTC hits the $70k mark again this month, with analysts predicting it to reach $83k by May based on the symmetrical triangle formation, the upward trend of the crypto market becomes undeniable. 

However, concerns about Bitcoin’s energy consumption persist. Green Bitcoin, presenting an eco-friendly alternative to the crypto pioneer, is nearing the $10 million mark in presale, which counts its last hours. 

This is not financial advice. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and susceptible to FOMO. It’s important you do your own research before investing.

Green Bitcoin presale nears the $10 million mark

The Presale Is About to End

With $9.3 million already raised on presale, GBTC approaches its $9.63 million hard cap, signaling the final opportunity to get the token at a lower price before it’s launched on exchanges. 

Right now, GBTC trades at $1.1062 per token, 31% above its initial presale price of $0.8402. 

Visit the official presale website for up-to-date information.

Green Bitcoin Crypto Presale

What Is Green Bitcoin’s Appeal?

Enormous energy consumption may be Bitcoin’s biggest flaw. In February 2024, the US Department of Energy even initiated a program to assess the impact of crypto mining operations. 

BTC mining consumes 1,173,000Wh (Watts per hour), with alternatives like BTC SV consuming considerably less, around 1,000Wh. However, this is arguably still too much for a world currently so conscious about the environment.

Because GBTC doesn’t require mining, it consumes only 34Wh of energy, over 30,000 times less than BTC.

GBTC introduces staking rewards as opposed to the original BTC, which only serves as a store of value. Plus, early investors can already stake their tokens and enjoy over 100% APY as of now.

It will allow holders to earn exponential rewards and up to 100% token bonuses for staking their GBTC and making weekly BTC price predictions

Moreover, to celebrate the $9 million milestone, the official Green Bitcoin X account announced a $200 GBTC airdrop for those who complete the requirements. With such a focus on community engagement, it’s no wonder Green Bitcoin already gained 21.2k followers on the platform. 

The official Green Bitcoin X airdrop

Green Bitcoin Tokenomics and Roadmap 

Like BTC, GBTC has a total supply of 21 million tokens with the following allocation:

  • Presale – 50%
  • Community rewards – 10%
  • Staking rewards – 20%
  • Marketing 12.5%
  • Liquidity – 7.5% 

With such a large portion allocated to presale and over $9 million already raised, the project builds a strong foundation for token release on major CEXs and DEXs. 

The emphasis on community incentives and staking rewards is meant to sustain Green Bitcoin for the long haul. 

Visit the official presale website for up-to-date information. 

Is Green Bitcoin Worth Watching?

The crypto market is unpredictable, so it’s important you do your own research before investing in any project, new or established. Still, presales present an opportunity to get tokens that can potentially bring accelerated returns at a lower price. 

Only time will show whether Green Bitcoin can repeat Bitcoin’s success. Either way, the project has already started to gain traction and is worth watching out for in 2024. 

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