Hitachi to Release PCs with Preinstalled BeOS for the Consumer Market (1998)

Hitachi, Ltd. today announced the release of three new multi-boot environment desktop 
models of the FLORA Prius 330J PC featuring LCD screens, and BeOS(TM) R4.0J 
(Japanese version), a digital multimedia OS, and Windows(R)98 preinstalled.  The new 
models will be released on December 5, 1998(*1).

Recent increases in communication via the Internet have rapidly increased the demand 
for digital content among users.  At the same time, it means that PCs and operating 
systems have to be able to handle the large quantities of data involved, including the 
display and replay of the data.  In response to such needs, Be, Inc., founded in the 
USA in 1990, developed a multitasking(*4) OS to support some of the latest technology 
such as micro kernels(*2) and multi-threads(*3) to ensure high performance and ready 
access to digital multimedia.  BeOS(TM) also supports 64-bit file systems.

Both BeOS(TM) R4.0J (Japanese version) and Windows(R)98 are preinstalled in all three of 
the FLORA Prius 330J models.  A useful suite of word processing, presentation and 
other software is also preinstalled on all three models, which enables users to take 
advantage of BeOS(TM) immediately after starting up the computer.
Each computer is accommodated in a space-saving micro-tower housing measuring 78 
mm high by 320 mm wide and 300 mm deep.  Two of the models (the 3304ST40JB 
and the 3304ST40JBT) come with a 14-inch Super TFT LCD, which is almost 
equivalent to a 17-inch CRT display.  The computer and display are digitally connected 
via a DFP-based interface that ensures much clearer pictures than an analog display.

*1: The 3304ST40JBT model (with a video capture board) will be released on 
December 26, 1998.
*2: Micro kernel: The kernel of the OS has been split into several functional files, 
which are used to process a given task while communicating between each other.
*3: Multi-thread: A given function of the program is individually configured (thread); 
two or more threads can be executed simultaneously.
*4: Multitasking: A method that enables a computer to simultaneously execute two or 
more programs by switching the CPU to each of the programs at certain intervals.

World's first micro-tower PCs with preinstalled BeOS(TM) R4.0J
- There are micro-tower PCs with preinstalled BeOS(TM) R4.0J, a digital media OS 
developed by Be, Inc.  Two operating systems, such as BeOS(TM) and Windows(R)98 
can be run under a multi-boot environment.
- The system unit is small, measuring just 78 mm by 320 mm by 300 mm, but 
accommodates a Pentium(R)II 400 MHz processor, 64 megabytes of SDRAM, a 6.4-
GB HDD, a 24X speed E-IDE CD-ROM drive and a 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T 
network adapter as standard.  In addition, the 3304ST40JB and 3304ST40JBT 
models include a 14.1-inch Super TFT color LCD.
- The display is connected via a digital interface, which ensures a much clearer 
picture than an analog display.

FLORA Prius 330J models with preinstalled BeOS(TM)

Product name


Basic specifications


Release date







Video capture board

FLORA Prius 330J models with preinstalled BeOS(TM)


Pentium II(R) Processor (400MHz)


6.4 GB

(2 GB for Windows(R)98 and 4.6 GB for BeOS(TM))

24X speed max.



December 5


14.1-inch super TFT color LCD

December 5



December 26

- Microsoft, and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the 
U.S. and/or other countries.
- The full name of Windows(R)98 is Microsoft(R) Windows(R)98 Operating System.
- Be, Inc., and BeOS are trademarks or registered trademarks of Be, Inc. in the U.S. 
and/or other countries.
- Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S.
- Other products and company names herein may be trademarks or registered 
trademarks of their respective owners.
- The contents, specifications, and prices are as of November 1998 and are subject to 
change without notice.

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